Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 67 - Wash Your Neck!

Chapter 67 - Wash Your Neck!

No one could possibly know what was going on in Mu Qingqings mind and just how much she wanted to just kill Li Tianming right now. The Voltaic Dragon Battleaxe that flew to her was by no means a coincidence, but a declaration of war from Li Tianming.

I get it now, big sis Qingqing. He may have defeated me today, but one day I will be so strong he wont even be able to challenge me. Lin Xiaoxiao finally found her confidence.

I will look forward to that day.

Just as Lin Xiaoxiao was talking to Mu Qingqing, she saw that annoying person walking towards them. He was already the prime disciple, so what else did he want with her? To rub his victory in her face?

Lin Xiaoxiao realised that it was not she who Li Tianming was looking for, as he was staring into Mu Qingqings face with a complex expression.

It has been three years since he last got this close to Mu Qingqing. She had become more mature, more charming.

What are you here for? Theres nothing to brag about for beating a kid five years younger than you, Mu Qingqing said.

Of course not. Im just here to see if you will still congratulate me like how you did just now, replied Li Tianming. She destroyed his life, and then said she was happy that he managed to pick himself back up again? If this also worked, then Li Tianming would love to be happy for her too.

Mu Qingqing could of course understand the hidden meanings behind what he had just said.

Do you not know any shame? Big sis Qingqing is kind enough to forgive you for what you have done, and yet you come here to annoy her like a fly! If my brother wasnt in seclusion, you would have gotten your comeuppance. Lin Xiaoxiao was the first to flare up. She didnt know the truth, and therefore, she wouldnt understand their thoughts either.

Dont get me wrong, I have turned over a new leaf and Im here to make friends with Qingqing. I just want to ask which part of Heavens Sanctum do you live in, so next time I can go and say hi. Li Tianming was smiling, but his eyes suggested otherwise.

Better not. I can forgive you, but that doesnt mean I want to have anything to do with you. Mu Qingqings reply was calm, but it had taken all her strength to contain her murderous intent.

I see, what a shame. I thought I could still compete with Lin Xiaoting, Li Tianming laughed.

Quit dreaming, you are not worthy! Lin Xiaoxiao felt like she was going mad. Just how could someone be this shameless!

Just leave us alone. Li Tianming, I hope you know what you are doing. I dont think people like you can ever change, so you better not go around ruining your life again. Mu Qingqing was getting uncomfortable with the way Li Tianming was staring at her. It was as if he could read into her mind, and see the things that she wished to hide from the rest of the world.

Qingqing, I will remember what youve said.

Please dont address me like we are friends. Mu Qingqing could not tolerate him any longer. It would do her no good to keep talking to this man, but then again, it was her own fault for acting all forgiving towards him in the first place.

Hmm and how would you like me to address you? How about... Bloodflower? Li Tianming tossed out the phrase at the most unexpected moment!

Bloodflower! The instant he said the phrase, he could see Mu Qingqings pupils dilating. It was a natural reaction for someone who felt guilty!

He knew her well enough, and now he could confirm that the assassin sent to him the night before the ranking battles was hired by Mu Qingqing! Everything made sense now.

Li Tianming did not continue the conversation, and just stood there, smiling placidly at Mu Qingqing. As for Mu Qingqing, she knew that he had figured it out.

Upon hearing the news of his return, she instantly hired an assassin that nearly took Li Tianming and his mothers life! Was she heartless? Perhaps sinister? It was more like a mixture of both! She betrayed Li Tianming three years ago, leading to the death of Midas whom he treated like his brother, and now she called a hit on him without hesitation!

If it wasnt for Xue Lan, Li Tianming would have suspected her long ago. But after this conversation, he had came to an conclusion this cold-blooded woman was the one behind the assassination!

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Mu Qingqing knew that Li Tianming had gotten what he wanted, and she didnt intend to waste any more time with him either. Pursing her lips, she turned to Lin Xiaoxiao. Lets go, hes disappointed me enough.

Alright, be gone with you, Li Tianming. Dont ever let me see you again! Lin Xiaoxiao hissed.

Bye bye, remember to wash your neck. As the two turned around, Li Tianming said one last line.

Wash your neck? What was he going to do, execute her? Mu Qingqing stopped her steps for a moment as his parting words entered her ear, her body quivering for the smallest of moments.

Take care of yourself. That was the last thing Mu Qingqing said to him, and she no longer used that magnanimous tone that she had earlier. Her tone was now cold, threatening.

It was her warning to Li Tianming. So what if he knew who hired the Bloodflower Chamber? With her current wealth and power, she could easily wipe a peasant out of existence with no one the wiser. She had the Lightning Manor to back her up now, while Li Tianming was no different from three years ago, with no background and no power.

With that said, the two of them both knew that the war between them had officially started. From there on, one of them will eventually get the other killed.

Big brother. Just then, Li Tianming could hear a cheerful chirping from behind his back. The voice was almost magical, relieving Li Tianming of his hatred and cleansing his soul. While he would never forget his revenge, he wouldnt be engulfed in it to the point of ignoring the other, better things in life.

Li Tianming turned around to find Jiang Feiling standing behind him. In fact, the moment he saw her innocent and flawless complexion, he instantly put Mu Qingqing behind. Perhaps many would claim that Mu Qingqing was as beautiful as a white lotus flower, and that few can compare with her in terms of appearances. But when placed beside Jiang Feiling, she no longer looked that flawless.

Inside Li Tianmings heart, Mu Qingqing was like a vial of venom, poisoning him 24 hours a day, while Jiang Feiling was like the sweetest honey, soothing his pain and even acting as an antidote to that poison.

Linger. Li Tianming smiled. It was a hearty smile, unlike the cold-blooded sneer that he had been showing Mu Qingqing.

Congrats on becoming the prime disciple! This is the address where Qinger and I live in Heavens Sanctum, once you move in do come by and visit us. Jiang Feiling put a wrinkly piece of paper on his hand, on which there was a line written elegantly.

Li Tianming carefully kept the slip in his pocket. Definitely.

Big brother has really done well today, Jiang Feiling praised him.

Its totally because Linger is here to support me, that I have the courage to triumph over my opponents, Li Tianming claimed seriously.

Blargh! The little chick fanned itself with its wings, as if it was puking from Li Tianmings acting.

Big brother Ying Huo did really well too, that fire phoenix was really pretty. Jiang Feiling smiled.

Really? Cause if you want, I will breathe fire for you anyday, darling. The little chick was suddenly all lively again.

Oh shut it, will you? Li Tianming forcefully muted the little chick by grabbing on to its beaks. The way Ying Huo tried to struggle out of his hand made Jiang Feiling giggle non-stop.

Big brother, theres something I would like you to know. After she was done giggling, she looked at Li Tianming earnestly, her eyes as clear as crystal.

Im listening. Li Tianming nodded.

Jiang Feiling lowered her head slightly. Im well aware of what happened three years ago, the thing that happened between you and them.

Does Linger despise me for what I have done? Li Tianming asked.

Not that. She shook her head, I believe my eyes and my own judgement. When I was attached to big brother, I could listen to your heartbeat, and hear the voice inside your heart.

I could even see the secret that you have hidden with you for these three years. I could see them bullying you. Before Jiang Feiling could even finish her sentence, there were tears swelling up in her eyes.

Lightning seemed to strike Li Tianming as he stared at Jiang Feiling, flabbergasted. It has been three years. For the first time, other than his own mother, someone had cried for Li Tianming, for the suffering that he had gone through. As her tear dripped onto the ground, he could also feel it rinsing the pain in his heart and nourishing his soul.

There was only one thing Li Tianming had to say. He wanted to thank the gods, to praise the heavens, for letting a girl like this appear in his life. Even if the relationship between them didnt turn out to be love and they were only friends, Li Tianming would be happy enough. Other than Wei Jing and his new lifebound beasts, he thought he would never find anyone else in the world who would shed a tear for him. The sound in his heart was not the sound of heartbreak, but the sound of it healing from all the pain he had gone through. From the moment he met her, he thought that there was something special about this girl. It was as if he expected her to be part of her life, even if they had only met for a short period of time. It even felt like she had already accompanied him for millions of years before this.

Big brother, can I give you a hug? She suddenly raised her head and looked at Li Tianming with teary eyes.

Chapter end

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