Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 13 – Fairy From The Heavens

Chapter 13 – Fairy From The Heavens

Long Chen looked behind, and was so scared that he thought his soul had already left him. Behind him there was a pair of bloodshot eyes, howling and chasing after him. The gap between them was about 20 meters. At this rate under a minute, he will surely die.

I have so many tasks that are unfinished, but yet Im about to die in a place like this?

He was extremely unwilling, and let out roars in succession, escaping with all his might. But that demonic beasts speed was too fast, and in the bat of an eye, Long Chen could already smell its scent.

The scent of a wolf.

To hell with your mother, I dont believe I cant win against a wild beast like you!

His blood boiling from within, he knew that at this rate, when the demonic beast will have reached up to him, it will definitely penetrate his body in a hit. So at the most crucial moment, he suddenly turned his body, and with a loud shout, starlight was sent out explosively from his body as if a meteorite that had fallen from the outer sky. He then sent a punch towards his opponent!

Eat this [Falling Star Fist] attack of mine! Now die to me!

With a loud bang, the Phantom Star Wolf let out a furious cry, and retaliated with a claw attack. Coupled with its massive frame it sent the claw attack to collide against Long Chens [Falling Star Fist]. After breaking the [Falling Star Fist], it hit Long Chens body. Long Chen instantly spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood, and was sent flying back where he smashed into the floor.

Even the [Falling Star Fist] cannot hold him back!

The attack earlier had shocked all of the blood in Long Chens body. His battle strength temporarily shaved off by half. And at this moment, the Phantom Star Wolf once again let out another angry growl and sent another claw flying towards Long Chens head. If it hit, his head would definitely be smashed into pieces!

As he saw the massive incoming attack that was coming from the strongest opponent Long Chen had ever met, it seemed like his defenses were nonexistent. As the cold flash gradually closed in on his head, Long Chen suddenly laughed out loudly. He then clenched his fist tightly, and madly snarled: You want to get rid of me with just your power, Im not going to be that easy!

Once again, he ferociously drew out all the energy he had left, and used all his strength and Qi for the [Celestial Core Technique]. As if a meteorite that was unafraid of death, he sent a punch towards the Phantom Star Wolf!

He had that kind of feeling where his life was in his hands and he could lose it at any point in time. That had already brought forth all his madness and rage!

Although he was hurt, but in truth, right now the attack that was formed, was the strongest attack he has ever mustered. Using [Falling Star Fist] and practically drawing out all the Qi from his body.

Idiot, why are you fighting for your life!

At this time, a sobbing voice was heard from behind Long Chen. His view went blurry, and suddenly there was a flash of misty light appearing in front of him. In that instant, Long Chen suddenly felt like he was in a dream.

The Lingxi sword floated in front of him, and at this moment the Lingxi sword suddenly had a white mist rushing forth from it. Momentarily hazing his vision, a figure was formed by the mist that came from the Lingxi sword. Long Chen merely saw her rear view but two words immediately surfaced from his brain.

A fairy

This maiden within the mist had silky and shiny black hair which was curled around her temples, and her skin was like jade porcelain. Light was gently falling onto her. She was wearing a light blue skirt on her petite waist and her beauty was so profound that her sharp features were flawless with no signs of imperfections. Her beauty was simply otherworldly.

Despite catching only a glimpse of her figure, he was strongly convinced that she was very beautiful.

The injury he had sustained earlier in fact was more serious than he had thought, but its just that he was overdoing it because he did not want to die in that place. And because of that it did not feel that it was too serious. The moment Lingxi emerged from the sword, Long Chen suddenly felt at peace within his heart.

Then an earth shattering pain filled his whole body. And he, who had already been injured because of drawing all the Qi from his body, at this moment was spent. Suddenly, his consciousness became more and more blurry, and the beautiful figure in front of his eyes was also vanishing gradually.

A good while later he woke up and discovered himself to be in the middle of two big rocks. He raised his head and saw that the sky was still grey, which showed that he was still in the Desolate Beast Domain.

Although his body was still in pain, he felt that the injuries were nothing serious anymore. Long Chen thought of the scene before he fainted, and he panicked, hurriedly calling out: Xiao Xi, where are you?Chck out ltst vl on novl/bin(.)cm

Over here.

A feeble voice was heard, and only then did Long Chen look at the Lingxi sword which was lying beside him on top of a huge rock. The scene of him fainting was still vivid for Long Chen. And as he saw Lingxi, his heart could not help but make him feel closer to her. The astounding beauty that Lingxi had displayed, he had all remembered in his heart.

Lingxis voice seemed to be feeble, so he was worried and anxiously asked: Are you still okay?

Im fineBut it is really tiring, I dont even have the strength to speak anymore. Since you have already woken up, I will be going to get a good sleep. If you disturb me, then I will take your lifeUgh

During the part where she was finishing her sentence, she was already in a half conscious state.

It hasnt been that long and youre already sleeping, you are indeed a pig.

Long Chen smiled and scolded her at the same time. However he thought about the fact that this maiden not only saved him, but also endured her exhaustion and feebleness and did not sleep while he was in a coma.

This compassion, how can I not understand? Oh well, this girl is also all by herself. So I, Long Chen, will properly repay her in the future!

Long Chen already knew that Lingxis physical body had been mysteriously destroyed by this steel sword, after which her soul had been absorbed into it.

That Phantom Star Wolf most likely was beaten by Lingxi and it retreated. Right now I have gotten two stalks of Enchanted Hill Ginseng, so this is the right time to bring my level up.

After thinking of this, he observed his surroundings. And after making sure it was safe, only then did he take the Enchanted Hill Ginseng out and consume one stalk. Very soon, Long Chen could feel that a wave of scorching strength rushed towards his dantian.

This hot energy, should be the spiritual medicinal essence. I must take this opportunity to refine this energy and convert it into Qi.

Time passes by.

An hour later, the herbal energy from a stalk of Enchanted Hill Ginseng had already been completely consumed. Long Chen frowned and then said: Enchanted Hill Ginseng is a medium grade spiritual medicine. Just one may not be enough for me to have enough Qi to break through the fourth Dragon Vein, so I will consume another stalk. My enlightenment of the [Celestial Core Technique] has made my veins more resilient, so I can definitely endure this huge herbal energy!

Thinking of this he consumed the other stalk.

A very dense herbal smell very soon began to diffuse. Long Chen hurriedly refined it and the Qi in his dantian was growing more and more, gradually reaching to a critical point, and even exceeding it.

All is complete, this time it will allow me to rush into the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Every three levels in the Dragon Pulse Realm there is a new threshold. Now I have entered the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, this will definitely allow my strength to increase once again. If I were to meet with that Phantom Star Wolf again, I would at least have a chance to resist!

The vast Qi was as if a torrential flood surged towards the fourth Dragon Vein. The breakthrough to the fourth Dragon Vein was several times more difficult than the third Dragon Vein. On Long Chens first attempt he had met with strong resistance immediately.

Cultivation in the Dragon Pulse Realm is indeed very challenging. I have acquired my fathers Qi, as well as 2 Enchanted Hill Ginseng. To think that I still cannot break through However, I havent given it my all yet!

Gritting his teeth, Long Chen mobilised all his Qi and then grandly rumbled and charged towards the fourth Dragon Vein. A moment later the cry of a Dragon resounded from within his body.

An hour later, there was a loud boom and a surge of strong energy fleeted towards his four limbs. Long Chen stood up and his eyes filled with vigor.

Clenching his fist, he felt his own formidable strength.

So this is the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. It is indeed strong, but Yang Zhan that fellow even with this might had actually lost to me, he really is trash.

He looked towards the Lingxi sword and said: Lingxi rashly emerged from the sword, Im afraid it wont be that easy for her to wake up. There arent many days left before the intra-family competition, so I mustnt waste any more time and take the opportunity to cultivate the [Celestial Core Technique] while she is sleeping. And after stabilising my condition in the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, I shall try again to break through the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

As his ability had seen some improvements, Long Chens flustered heart by now had calmed down. He sat on the ground, and continued to practice cultivation.

Chapter end

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