Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 21 – [Five Directional True Devil Fist]

Chapter 21 – [Five Directional True Devil Fist]

The young lady from the Yang family in the cultivators market could only be Yang Lingqing.

Yang Lingqing had treated Long Chen very well, so Long Chen had also treated her as a real younger sister. Thinking of the fact that she may be bullied, Long Chen did not say another word and headed towards the origin of the noise.

That noise earlier, should have been Yang Lingqing using the [Falling Star Fist]. Usually the Yang family and the Bai family do not have any clashes, but this time Yang Lingqing had even used the [Falling Star Fist], which shows that she had been very angry.

From far away, Long Chen had seen a crowd gathering. Among them were a few experts, but none of them dared to stop the fight. Thats right, even if they had decent abilities, how would they dare to interfere in a fight between the Yang family and the Bai family? How could they not be afraid of the consequences?

Long Chen did not care for any of these, so he blatantly squeezed through, and as he expected Yang Lingqing was fighting with a foxy yet charming looking lady. However right now Yang Lingqing did not have the upper hand, and it looked like she was about to be defeated.

Beside Long Chen, two middle aged man were conversing. It looked like they were two of the many shop owners.

The talent of this Yang Lingqing from the Yang family is not bad. But even though Bai familys Bai Zhixing is somewhat older, her cultivation is in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, hence she is stronger.ViiSiit nvelb/n(.)c/()m for ltest vels

The difference of a level, yet Yang Lingqing has withstood for so long, this is not bad.

The Bai and Yang families have had close ties all this time, so why are both of these girls fighting?

I also dont know. When I arrived, both of them had already been fighting.

It could be because of the matter concerning the mayor. Looks like Poplar Town is going to face some major changes soon

Long Chen did not say another word, and rushed into the battle scene. Just as he was about to attack, Lingxi who was beside his ear suddenly said agitatedly: Hey, you see that young man over there? In his waist pocket, there is a stalk of Dream Spirit Grass. That is an intermediate Huang grade medicine which can nurture a spirit!

Long Chens gaze shifted towards the young man as he ran over, because right now that young man was not far behind Bai familys Bai Zhixing.

Is that the other Bai family cultivator that is at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, Bai Shidong?

It was such a coincidence that the item that he had been dreaming of is unexpectedly on his body.

Even if it was only for the Dream Spirit Grass, Long Chen must definitely get involved in this fight now.

Long Chens movements, had attracted stunned expressions from all the people around.

That should beYang familys Third Aunts son who has been notorious lately, right? I heard that he has already entered the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. However hes still lacking a level compared to these two from the Bai family younger generation.

He seemed to have defeated Yang Lingyue before when she was at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

So what, I heard he used underhanded methods to beat Yang Lingyue, and in fact his true ability is not that strong.

While the two middle aged men were conversing, they fixed their gazes on Long Chen, and were eagerly anticipating what Long Chen would do next.

After all, the opponents were both in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, but he was only in the fifth level and had still dared to rush into the fight.

At this moment, the [Celestial Core Technique] and the Qi from Long Chens fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm were in full effect. So although his Qi was inferior to the Qi of the two opponents by several times, this gap could be filled up with the [Celestial Core Technique]!

A dim starlight slowly came out from his body, and from the familiar feeling of the starlights aura, Yang Lingqing knew that Long Chen had finally arrived.

Her face was filled with fury and indignation, because although the opponents had the strength to defeat her, right now they were only playing around with her.

Suddenly feeling a strong force being applied on her body, Yang Lingqing was suddenly pulled back by Long Chen. After which Long Chen immediately faced Bai Zhixing who had a complacent look after playing around with Yang Lingqing. She never thought that a young man would abruptly appear in front of her eyes, so she was startled into retreating a few steps back.

Both of them then distanced themselves.

Then Yang Lingqing pouted her lips and looked at Long Chen. Long Chen seeing that she was about to cry, asked: What happened?

Yang Lingqing used a loathing gaze to look at Bai Zhixing, then she gritted her teeth and said: I myself dont know why either, but as soon as she saw me she started insulting me. In the end I could not endure it, and forgot about grandfathers warning

Even a good natured person like Yang Lingqing could not endure it, meaning the stuff that Bai Zhixing had said must have been extremely vicious.

She humiliated you? She thinks my younger sister is someone who can be humiliated

Long Chen looked at the other party, and then his expression turned darker quickly.

What kind of things is Sister Lingqing saying? I had only exchanged several words with you, and then you attacked me. I myself still want to ask you, why did you say I humiliated you?

Long Chens gaze had made the girl on the opposite side feeling scared. But then thinking of Long Chens true ability, she became bold and started pretending she was innocent.

Long Chen despised the girls who dared to act but did not dare to admit. On the outside they appear innocent but deep down they are vicious. When they do bad things they put up a pitiful front and deny.

Originally both parties had not sustained any injuries. So the matter should have been let go, but because Long Chen wanted the Dream Spirit Grass badly, he now had an excuse. So all the more he wouldnt let them go.

He patted Yang Lingqing on the shoulder and said: Lingqing, I have been your Elder Brother for so many years, but I have actually not stepped up for you until now, so today just watch.

[TL Note: Elder Brother when he says here elder brother he doesnt mean that she is his sister its more of an expression to show the fact that they are close.]

Long Chens speech had allowed Yang Lingqing to understand something. The other people also knew what he meant, so they looked at him as if he was an idiot.

Yang Lingqing quickly held his arms and stopped him. She then said: Dont do it, lets just forget about it today. Not to mention the fact that grandfather has told us not to come into conflict with the Bai family, but also the other party has two people at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, we

Long Chen smiled, and then gently pushed Yang Lingqings hands away. The determination in his gaze caused Yang Lingqing to lose her bearing, and at this time, Long Chen had already walked to them.

Looking at Long Chen who seemed unafraid to die, the crowd began to discuss earnestly, and started ridiculing him.

Earlier the two middle aged man, were shocked too. Looking at Long Chen they said: This kid although hes a little rash, hes quite bold.

Thats right people that are all brawn but no brains, their demise is always pitiful. Knowing how to endure and then return back from Mt. Dongshan, that is the way of a king.

[TL Note: (Idiom) Knowing how to endure and then return back from Mt. Dongshan, that is the way of a king. means knowing how to make a comeback.]

As for Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong, after seeing that Long Chen actually had the guts to oppose them, they momentarily let out a smirk. But they never thought that just as they were about to ridicule him, Long Chen wouldnt even give them a chance. As he walked over, his expression turned dark, and with one leg jolting the floor, he suddenly flew towards the both of them like a whirlwind. Looking at his actions, it seemed like he actually wanted to deal with the both of them at the same time!

The crowd immediately started to make a racket. Long Chens actions had left them confused. Even the two middle aged men who were talking earlier, were now looking at him with dismay and astonishment.

This kidIs really strange, his Qi is lacking, but his guts are definitely not

At this point, if you looked at Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong you could notice in their eyes the disdain held for him. Bai Zhixing had always been aggressive, so she stepped forward first, blocking Long Chens path.

At this moment, Long Chen had already dashed right in front of her. An enormous wind energy was condensing in his finger. Suddenly a whirlwind had started rotating around his finger. The Qis forceful noise, had made Bai Zhixing frown!

She coldly smirked, and then her whole body started surging out Qi explosively while her right palm clenched into a fist. Before Long Chen arrived, she had already punched out. Under the support of the strong Qi, a gust of strong Qi went towards Long Chen. Inside that attack, there were a few palm prints that could be faintly made out.

[Five Directional True Devil Fist]!

Instantly, Long Chen had to face these five palm prints. However he only gave a cold laugh, and then his finger attack which had been prepared long ago struck too. Suddenly a huge whirlwind which could uproot trees and destroy plant-life had come rushing towards Bai Zhixing!

[Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil]!

The first point!

The second pierce!

The third revolution!

The fourth exterminate!

What made everyone shocked was that Long Chens enormous burst of strength had caused Bai Zhixing to retreat continuously. Long Chen had struck out each finger in succession, and that [Five Directional True Devil Fist] had been destroyed, vanishing without a trace!

Although Bai Zhixing had used all her might to generate the Qi, the force from Long Chen had caused her Qi to be unstable. Her face turned pale and while looking at Long Chen with a deadly stare, she slightly trembled.

Long Chen had not shown any mercy in any of his blows. That wild disposition of his had made everyone at the scene suck in a mouthful of cold air. This was all the more for Yang Lingqing, because she knew that Long Chen was practising [Falling Star Fist] before.

When did he learn [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil]? And the way he uses it is much stronger than Yang Lingyue Sister. How many fingers can he actually deal?

Yang Lingqing closely looked at Long Chen. Earlier it was Long Chen who saved her, so at this point she had already placed Long Chen as her pillar of support. At this point while she was looking at Long Chen who was fighting for his life, she then understood what Long Chen meant by the things he had said earlier.

Lingqing, I have been your Elder Brother for so many years, but I have actually not stepped up for you until now, so today just watch.

That sentence had reverberated in her mind endlessly.

While looking at Long Chen who had used [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] in succession and caused Bai Zhixing to lose her complexion, Yang Lingqing felt appeased by that. Her eyes turned red, because she had long ago placed Long Chen as her brother in her heart, since Yang Zhan would never step up for her with all his might.

However, the main reason why Long Chen was doing his utmost, besides stepping up for her, was because of the Dream Spirit Grass.

At this point, Long Chen shouted, and yet another whirlwind-like finger came striking!

The eighth shatter of the universe!

Bai Zhixing hurriedly used both arms to block, but that violent energy had struck her arms and caused the robes which were on her arms to shred into pieces immediately. She then gave a piercing scream, and spurted out a mouthful of blood!

Bai Zhixing collapsed in front of Long Chen. At this point Bai Shidong who had processed what happened, looked at this scene with a face of disbelief, which shortly turned into an overflowing rage.

He was standing only a meter behind Bai Zhixing, and was looking at the situation. Just as he wanted to bring forth his Qi and have a death match with Long Chen he was interrupted because Long Chens target had all along been Bai Shidong. So after beating Bai Zhixing, Long Chen did not let up on Bai Shidong. At that instant, a finger that contained whirlwind appeared immediately in front of Bai Shidong and went piercing towards his head. If he was hit, Bai Shidong would definitely rupture into many bits and pieces!

The ninth order of Heaven and Earth!

Long Chens actions, had made the crowd clamor. People who had a discerning eye could tell that after being struck suddenly by Long Chen, Bai Shidong will definitely not be able to avoid it.

Bai Shidong himself realised this, that because of Long Chens sudden attack, even if he drew the Qi with all his might, and tried to retreat he would still not have enough time left!

That shadow of death had slowly engulfed him right before his eyes. Looking at the finger which looked as sharp as a blade on a fine sword, Bai Shidong felt that his whole body turned powerless. Both of his legs turned soft, and below the crotch was a dampened and dark area. As it turns out he had actually peed himself

Although Bai Shidong had a wet area around his crotch, the crowd did not ridicule him. Because in front of death, anyone has the right to pee themselves

However killing Bai Shidong, was bound to become a shocking change for Poplar Town, so after the crowd realised that, their throats turned parched dry.

This fellowHow is he not even thinking about this?

Chapter end

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