Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 31 Infinite Loop

Chapter 31 Infinite Loop

After listening to Ivan, the three could not wait to go back and talk to Myrtle. But ever since that day Filch took a chair and sat in front of the bathroom every night, he seemed to think Ivan would break into it when he wasnt there.

In fact, the four of them intend to do so.

But even Hermione wasnt allowed to enter since Filch decided that Ivan was the culprit, even though Filch didnt know why Ivan wanted to go into the girls bathroom, he would prevent him from entering.

For a few days, Filch paced around where Mrs. Norris was petrified and hung earlier, he wanted to scrub it with Mrs. Skowers All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover but it was to no avail, the words were still shining as brightly as they were before.

His failure to clean the walls made Filch even more hysterical.

Filch secretly hide in the corner of the third floor and stared at every student that came near with two red eyes, he punished people for anything possible, they were breathing too much, or your clothes are too wrinkled.

God, I must beat up the madman that did this, but before he gets expelled I only hope he is able to petrify Filch, said Ron after failing to enter the bathroom again.

But when he saw Ginnys face turn pale, he hastily added it was only a joke.

Ginny was in a bad mood these days, she seemed uneasy after what happened to Mrs. Norris.

Ivan asked Colin if Ginny stayed at the Halloween Party and he said she went out for five minutes.

It was quick, but its enough time to open the chamber and let out the basilisk.

In the present situation, Ginny was the most likely one to have opened the Chamber of Secrets, but no matter how Ivan asked she denied she knew anything about Tom Riddle and the diary.

In recent days, Ginny even began to hide from Ivan.

Things got a lot more confusing when he forced himself into an infinite loop with the way he kept asking Ginny questions.

On the one hand, according to the original plot, Tom Riddle controlled Ginny and opened the chamber. The questions Ivan asked Ginny were somewhat obscure, but they would undoubtedly alert Tom Riddle.

If so, the next target will most likely be Ivan.

On the other hand, because of the butterfly effect, Lucius may have not given Ginny the diary, but the Chamber of Secrets has been opened, so Tom Riddle is in control of someone in the school.

Ivan tried to remember everything he knew about the Malfoy family, but he only could remember a few vague details and the more he thought, the more confused he became.

In the end, he had to give up on his plan to find Tom Riddle.

So he had to go back to his original plan, no matter where Tom Riddle is hiding, as long as he can defeat the basilisk, everything is fine.

Ivan knew where the Chamber is so Harry can open it, but the problem is his strength.

It is easy to say, but for a young wizard, it is difficult to defeat a powerful magical creature, so Ivan has to speed up his Curse learning, and he also has to learn the standard dueling spells in a short amount of time. (Note: Coming up Ivan defeats Tom Riddle by cursing at him.)

Besides that, he plans to ask Hagrid for a rooster.

But he had no way to carry it, so he had to figure out a way to record it crowing.

The Basilisk is only scared of the rooster crowing, but there isnt a spell to record sound.Ivan had to spend a lot of time researching in the library which made him look very haggard.

In fact, the attacks have had an impact on almost every student.

The young wizards were concerned about what was in the chamber of secrets, so almost every Hogwarts: A History was borrowed from the library.

There were rumors everywhere, people were panicking, and gossiping.

By the time the latest issue of Hogwarts Magic came out, it immediately sold over 1300 copies, because Ivan and Hermione analyzed the chamber of secrets.

The paper was based on reliable historical facts, and Ivan added some of his guesses to but everyone wasnt satisfied, they wanted to know who was the heir.

The students then began to suspect Harry.

On Halloween, the four people who found Mrs. Norrs petrified, were Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ivan. Hermione and Ivan were out because their parents were muggles, Rons home is full of wizards, but they are all Gryffindors, and Ron is just too weak, so the only one left is Harry who defeated Voldemort, in the minds of young wizards only the most powerful dark wizard can defeat the dark lord.

At dinner, Ivan saw Justin Finch-Fletchley hurriedly avoid Harry and say Slytherin descendant and so on.

It made a few people feel bad, Harry secretly pulled Ivan, and the four people left the great hall and went to the third floor, luckily this time Filch wasnt here. When they were about to open the door, someone came out of it.

It was Penelope Clearwater, she looked at the eyes of the four people and turned and hurriedly ran away.

She must think we are going to do something bad! muttered Ron while taking the lead to the bathroom.

At this time, a persons voice suddenly shouted out.

Ron what are doing? said Percy with an expression of utter astonishment on his face.

Thats the girls bathroom! gasped Percy, What are you.?

Nothing, I just wanted to take a casual look, shrugged Ron, Were going to look for clues, you know.

Looking for clues?! said Percy, I dont think there would be any clues in a girls bathroom so get out of here now.

Said Percy toward them urging them to go quickly.

Others are eating, but you come here and try to enter a girls bathroom.

Why cant we come here, you dont know anything, said Ron as he stopped and stared angrily at Percy, I know what youre thinking, listen we didnt do anything to that cat!

I told Ginny the same thing, but she still thinks youre going to be expelled, Ive never seen her so sad where she cries all of a sudden. you should think of her, freshmen students have been distracted by this incident! said Percy

Ivan is a freshman too, but I havent seen him upset about it, said Ron with his ears turning a bright red, But you dont care about Ginny, you just worry that Ill spoil your future as a Prefect.

Gryffindor loses five points! said Percy stiffly as he used a device to take away points, I hope this will teach you a lesson, not to engage in any detective activity, or Ill write mom!

Percy strode away with his neck as red as Rons ears.

Ron you shouldnt quarrel with Percy he is just concerned about us, whispered Ivan

Do you think Im bothersome?! said Ron as he turned around and looked at Ivan, First it was flying to school, then the slugs, apologizing to Myrtle, and until now trying to enter the girls bathroom, you are all right, the wrong is always mine.

Ron, Ivan didnt mean it like that. said Harry hastily

Im fed up! exclaimed Ron, The madman could only attack a cat, so let him go and attack.

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After that, he ran towards Gryffindor Tower.

Harry and Hermione froze momentarily before they hurriedly chased after Ron, leaving Ivan alone in front of the bathroom.

Chapter end

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