Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 71 Giving the Cat a Name

Chapter 71 Giving the Cat a Name

Wait a minute Minister! said Harry hurriedly, What about my punishment?

Punishment?! Fudge winked, As if we would do such a thing.

I broke the law that decrees that minors may not use magic outside school!

Oh, dear child, we dont punish people for such a small trifle! It was an accident, we dont send people to Azkaban for inflating their aunts!

These words confused Harry somewhat, it was completely different compared to his past dealings with the Ministry of Magic.

Last year, a house elf gave my cousin Dudley a tail and I received a warning that said if I do any more magic Hogwarts will expel me!

It was an excellent question, Ivan was happy to see Fudge a little embarrassed.

Things often change, Harry! With the present circumstance, we must consider yourWell, you dont want to be expelled do you?

Of course not, answered Harry hastily.

When he heard Harrys word, Fudge laughed, he shouted and told the landlord to give Harry a room and repeatedly ordered Harry to stay in Diagon Ally for the next two weeks and not to go wandering about in Muggle London.

He then put his robe on and was ready to leave.

Minister have you heard of Sirius Black.

When he heard Harrys words, Fudges fingers twitched.

Oh, you heard about it! Well, its only a matter of time before we catch him. The Dementors of Azkaban have never failed before and they are furious this time. said Fudge with a slightly trembling voice.

Goodbye, Harry, said Fudge as he shook his hands.

Harry asked if he could sign his permission form. Fudge was slightly uncomfortable.

He rejected Harry, with a more unnatural expression on his face, Ivan saw him quietly wiping away some cold sweat from his forehead as he turned and left.

When Ivan and Harry finished their pastries, they followed Tom up a beautifully built wooden staircase and came to a door with a brass number plate indicating it was room eleven, Tom opened the door. There was a big comfortable bed in the room, a few shiny oak furniture, a crackling fire in the fireplace, and Hedwig standing on a wardrobe.

Hedwig! exclaimed Harry, There you are, did you send that letter to Ivan, What did he say?

When he had left the Dursleys, he hastily wrote a letter to Ivan, it was still with Hedwig though.

Harry was suddenly a little worried, Hedwig couldnt find Ivan, did some kind of accident occur.

As he stood there a little puzzled, Hedwig flew to the black cat that had been following him.

Ivan jumped onto the bed and saw Hedwig looking at him, those amber eyes where full of vigilance, Ivan gestured to say hello and the owl dropped the parchment in front of him.

Its strange that a cat is reading a letter.

Harry sat down on the bed while looking at Ivan absentmindedly.

He couldnt believe he had only been away from Privet Drive for only a few hours, he had so much to do, he hadnt been expelled and for two weeks he is free from the Dursleys.

But why didnt Ivan write to him, or did he go abroad like Hermione and Ron. So is that why Hedwig couldnt deliver the letter to him?

And the sudden appearance of the black cat with an appearance similar to Ivans.

FiNd pdtes on n()/vln(.)cm

Harry turned over and stretched out his hand to hold the cat but Ivan dodged and looked at Harry with discontent. Harry never knew a cat could have such a human expression, it was really strange.

Then he suddenly thought he didnt have anything to call it if he intended to raise it then should he give the cat a name?!

Harry thought of a lot of names while looking out the window at the sunrise.

The next day when Harry woke up, he felt something on him, he opened his eyes and saw it was Ivan.

It startled him, he immediately jumped up.

Ivan, Ivan, wake up! Harry shook the sleeping Ivan, When did you get here, did you see the letter I wrote you and how did you get into my room?

Good morning, Harry!

Ivan rubbed his eyes, he was now back to his original form, his mana has been fully restored, his mana was slightly larger now too.

Seeing Harry staring at him, he hurried to tell him what had happened, he was now an Animagus, how he was attacked by a black dog in the street. But he left out that the black dog was Sirius Black.

You say that the black cat was your animagus form? No Wonder I felt it was a little weird. said Harry, A normal cat wont eat chocolate or pastries, right?

Yeah. nodded Ivan as he turned into a black cat and back again.

I should have known, you are just like Professor McGonagall, what was the spell called again? said Harry as he looked at Ivan with envy.

Animagus and I hope you will help me keep it a secret, said Ivan

No problem but how did you do it, Professor McGonagall said it was a very complex and dangerous spell?

I got a little help from Tom and Salazar Slytherin, said Ivan as he sat up, And if you want to learn it I can teach you but the main problem is the accumulation of mana so if there are no accidents youll probably be able to learn this spell in a few years.

Next, Ivan and Harry talked a little more about Animagi.

Then the two people went downstairs to eat breakfast, he then called for the house elf Dobby.

After a whole night of looking for Ivan, Dobby looked horrified, his fingers were covered with bandages from punishing himself, he wept for a while in front of the two people which made Ivan feel terrible.

Ivan consoled Dobby for a while and let him go back to pack Ivans bags.

He went out and made a phone call to his mother, telling her that he would live in Diagon Alley for the next two week until school began so she didnt have to worry. Mrs. Mason argued with him but she finally reluctantly agreed to his request.

Chapter end

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