Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 36 Polyjuice Potion

Chapter 36 Polyjuice Potion

Very few people are as wise as Dumbledore. News of Penelope and moaning Myrtle spread throughout the entire school.

Rumors spread, making everyone suspicious.

Even the ghost were a little scared, they wondered what kind of power can actually hurt a ghost.

During this time, multiple students bought things to protect themselves. Ivan saw Nevil Longbottom buy a gigantic onion, an amethyst, and a rotting salamander tail.

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As a result, the other boys in Gryffindor told him he was not in danger since he was pureblood so he shouldnt be attacked.

They started with Filch. said Nevil with a face full of fear, As you know, I was almost a squib.

Colin approved of Nevils words. The amethyst that Nevil bought it is said to protect ones self from harm.

Percy was acting rather abnormal too.

His arm was already fixed, but when he saw the petrified Penelope he was horrified. He wasnt interested in trying to maintain order in the common room, he just sat in front of the fire alone every night, not knowing what to think.

Ginny seemed to be worse off then Percy, she has been distracted lately.

Several times she found Ivan while looking rather pale, she seemed to want to say something but in the end, she did not say anything.

It was suspicious after Ivan kept asking what was wrong she gave in. She told him that she was having nightmares every night, she dreamed of Harry, Ivan, and another Weasley family member being killed by the monster in the chamber, which made her very worried.

Ivan comforted her for a while, he was unsure if Ginny became like this because she noticed she had been controlled by Tom Riddle.

He was told that Ron, Ginny, and the twins left the hospital soon after he left, but they went their separate way, so he did not know if she went to the bathroom of the third floor during that time or not.

The situation is so bad that the first years are now always grouped together, it was like they were afraid if they acted alone they would be attacked. No one except Colin wanted to be with Ivan. No matter where he went someone was always pointing at him.

He received the same treatment as Harry and Hermione. People kept their distance from the three as if they were serial killers.

The prime suspect is still Harry, the young wizards even gave a reason. It was that Moaning Myrtle offended Harry at Nicks Deathday Party and she ran back to the bathroom after talking to Harry. The girls have seen Harry try to break into the bathroom, they suspect that he was caught by Penelope so he decided to kill her.

In the wake of this rumor, the Hogwarts Magic newspaper sold a record low, the latest issue only sold 300 issues.

No one wanted to buy a suspected criminals newspaper until he was proven innocent. All of the young wizards energy was focused on the Chamber of Secrets, they were no longer interested in the Quidditch games.

The only benefit of the attack was that Ron was willing to talk to Ivan again.

It may be because Ivans spell struck Percy and made him think Ivan was on his side or because the Chamber of Secrets was once again opened and made him realize the importance of these things and think now isnt the time to act like this.

They huddled in a corner in the Common room for several nights in a row and whispered.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione agreed that they had missed the chance to get a key clue. Moaning Myrtle may have known something but she is now out of the picture.

Ivan knew where and how to open the Chamber of Secrets, but he was not ready for the battle and he also didnt know where Tom Riddle was hiding.

There must be something wrong with our thinking.

Ron felt a little puzzled, Who do we know that thinks Muggles are rubbish?


Of course its him! Look at his ugly face, said Rong, And the house elf that attacked you was theirs.

Yes, Dobby did mention the Chamber and the plot. But we cant be sure Malfoy is the heir to Slytherin, said Hermione

Come on, Hermione! said Harry, Look at the family, everyone is in Slytherin. He might as well be the descendant of Slytherin since his father is evil enough.

They might have held the key to the Chamber of Secrets for centuries! said Ron, It was probably passed from generation to generation, father to son.

Its possible.. said Hermione cautiously, Ivan, what do you think?

Malfoy should know something if he is the heir.

Ivan had to find Toms diary and pay attention to Ginny, asking Draco Malfoy himself is a good way.

Lucius probably didnt disclose his plans to Draco but there might be some clues like if they were in contact with any other student from Hogwarts other than the Weasley, as long as there is one clue, it will narrow down his search.

Ivan is so predictable but the question is how can we get Malfoy to tell the truth, said Harry pessimistically.

I have a solution! said Hermione slowly, she hurriedly looked to make sure no one was eavesdropping and lowered her voice, Of course, its not easy, its very dangerous, we are going to violate at least fifty school rules.

Dont be so secretive if you want to tell us, said Ron impatiently.

We need to enter Slytherins common room and ask Malfoy a few question without letting him recognize us, said Hermione calmly.

Thats impossible. laughed Harry and Ron

No it is possible! said Ivan as he narrowed his eyes, As long as we make polyjuice potion.

What is that? asked Harry and Ron in unison.

Polyjuice potion! said Hermione while being a little surprised, How did you know, Ivan?

I have read about it in books that this kind of potion can turn you into another person.(Note: The funny thing is he is not lying.)

Yes, we can turn into Slytherin students. Malfoy will not know it was us and might tell us everything. said Hermione, He is probably in the Slytherin common room bragging, it is a pity we cant hear him.

This potion seems a little peculiar.

Ron said while frowning, What if we become Slytherin students and never change back?

The effect will vanish after a while. said Hermione a little impatiently, Snape said the potion is written in a book called Moste Potente Potions in the librarys restricted section. But it shouldnt be a problem, Professor Lockhart should be willing to sign a note to let us get it.

That guy will sign anything, whispered Ron.

The problem now is the raw materials, We should be able to obtain those from Snapes personal collection.

Hermione, that is too risky, Snape is not Lockhart, we cant easily get it from him. hesitated Harry.


This isnt a problem, we can use the profits from The Hogwarts Magic newspaper to buy the herbs. And we can use the third floors girls bathroom to concoct the potion.

Oh, no! said Ron feebly while Harrys face looked grave.

It is the safest place since Filch is no longer guarding it. After the two attacks, no one is willing to approach the corridor.

In addition to making potions, Ivan was prepared to risk it.

He will be right by the entrance of the Chamber of Secrets, no matter who Tom is controlling, as long as they want to enter the Chamber of Secrets, they must go through him.

Ivan also wants to see, will it be the same as the original plot and will he find Toms Diary there.

Chapter end

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