Martial God Asura – Chapter 71 Quiet Down

Chapter 71 Quiet Down

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Little Mei, you... The big-chested beauty seemed to be afraid of Su Mei and she didnt know what to do at that moment.

Im telling you to stand up! Su Mei aggressively bellowed.

That voice scared that big-chested beauty and her little face instantly paled. She quickly stood to the side and didnt even dare to speak.


Su Mei coldly snorted and angrily shot Chu Feng a glance before sitting where the big-chested female sat before. She pointed at the spot next to Situ Yu and said, Sit there.


The big-chested beauty did not dare to be slow and she lowered her head while she quickly walked next to Situ Yu. Without even raising her head, she gloomily sat down.

That scene widened everyones eyes and mouths. They were all taken aback on what happened. To anyone who had eyes, they could tell that Su Mei was jealous.

Jealous of who? Jealous of Chu Feng! Countless people seeked Su Mei yet no one got their hands on the #1 beauty in the inner court. Yet, she was jealous of Chu Feng. That was an absolutely shocking thing.

But carefully thinking about it, it was not that sudden. After all, the two of them walked very closely together recently and there were even rumours about Su Mei secretly being in love with Chu Feng.

But even so, it was still impossible for everyone to accept that. On the other hand, Bai Tong and the others were quite relieved because they had personally seen more violent actions by Su Mei before.

However, compared to Bai Tong and the others, Situ Yus face was a bit unnatural. Although he was trying his best to conceal it, he still revealed some irritation. He was jealous as well.

Youre quite fierce and there was no need to treat her like that right? Chu Feng chuckled and said.

I do what I want and what can you do about it? Su Mei fiercely glared at Chu Feng before turning her head and ignoring Chu Feng.

After that little storm, the so-called meeting also officially started. First, the people that were going to participate in the core disciple exam were announced. There were 12 people, including Chu Feng, Su Mei, and Situ Yu.

The other 9 people had the cultivation of the 8th level and it was not hard to pass the core disciple exam with that cultivation. So, it was basically confirmed that 12 members were going to leave the Wings Alliance.

However, facing that situation, Situ Yu had preparations done already. It was that his brother was not going to participate in this years core disciple exam, so Situ Liang was going to stay within the inner court. He was going to succeed as the alliance master of the Wings Alliance.

There was one other thing. Situ Yu suggested that after becoming core disciples, the Wings Alliance would be preserved and he didnt want everyone going their own ways.

Situ Yu sent his thoughts to the former Wings Alliance members but current core disciples that he wanted them to lead the Wings Alliance and to create a new land within the core disciples. But, he was refused.

So, there was a serious problem in front of their eyes. They wanted to recreate the Wings Alliance in the land of core disciples with their group. With the recreation of the Wings Alliance, there was a need to choose a new alliance master and that was the current discussion.

Situ Yu, is there even any need for discussion? Since the former seniors are unwilling to lead us, the seat of the alliance master would naturally be sat by you.

Thats right. Within the Wings Alliance today, who other than you has the ability to take that spot? The various members all recommended Situ Yu to continue being the alliance master.

Ahh, everyone here are the dragon within men and Im sure no one is willing to live under someone elses charity. So, its better to be a bit more fair. Everyone. Theres no need to keep on choosing me and you can speak your real thoughts.

Situ Yu faked evasion but anyone could tell that he was still very happy. Happy that everyone chose him to continue being the alliance master.

Seeing Situ Yu, Chu Feng gave him an evaluation of one word. Hypocrite. Thus, he didnt bother listening what they said and he currently focused his attention on Su Mei.

She hadnt talked to Chu Feng in quite a while. Her hands were supporting her chin with her head tilted upwards. No one knew where she was looking, but it was certain that she did not pay attention on what Situ Yu and the others were saying.

Oi, are you angry? Chu Feng went over and asked while chuckling.

Whos angry? Angry at who? Whos worth it for me to be angry on? Su Mei resentfully shot Chu Feng a glance.

If youre not angry what you are doing? Chu Feng said suspiciously.

Im seriously listening to Situ Yus words. Su Mei grumbled.

Thats fine. Could you say what Situ Yu just said? Chu Feng laughed a bit.

He said... Su Mei was a bit at a loss. She was not listening so how could she know what Situ Yu was saying?

When she turned her head and looked at Chu Feng face that was brimming with a spoiled smile, she knew that she got tricked by Chu Feng. She angrily bit her lips and she really wanted to go and bite Chu Feng.

Okay, dont be angry. How about I tell you a story? Chu Feng said amusingly.

What story? If you want you can tell it. Su Mei curled her lips but still put on a look of listening respectfully.

Three little white rabbits picked a mushroom.

The two big ones told the small one to get some wild vegetables to eat.

The little one said, Im not going. If I go, you two will eat my mushroom.

The two said, We wont. So dont worry and go So the little rabbit went~~~

But after a long while, the little white rabbit didnt return. After some discussion, the two of them decided that there was no need to wait and they were going to eat the mushroom.

But just at that time, the little white rabbit suddenly jumped out from the nearby bushes and angrily said, See, I knew that you two were going to eat my mushroom!

Hahaha, so the little white rabbit never left that place?

What do you think?

Haha, he didnt. Thats too cute and pretty funny...

Su Mei laughed from Chu Fengs story and the beautiful laugh was very pleasant to listen to. But, the time in which it rang out was obviously not the right time and it already attracted everyones attention.

Here, Ill tell you another. Seeing that Su Mei finally smiled, Chu Feng also got enthusiastic. He showed his arms by pulling up his sleeves and he prepared to show his skill again.

The actions of the two displeased Situ Yu. Seeing that the one he liked was laughing in front of someone else yet not caring what he said, he was quite stuffed with panic.

*bang* Just at that time, Situ Liang suddenly slammed the table, stepped up, pointed at Chu Feng and said,

My brother is speaking right now so quiet down!

Hearing those words, Chu Fengs expression did not change. He slowly stood up and calmly walked in front of Situ Liang.

Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his hand, and with a bang, a clear slap fiercely landed on Situ Liangs face.

The strong strength directly flipped Situ Liang to the ground. He opened his mouth and along a mouthful of blood, three front teeth came out as well.

That scene completely scared the crowd there. Chu Feng directly hit a person and the person he hit was the future alliance master of the Wings Alliance and also Situ Yus younger brother. His nerves were a bit too big.

Chu Feng did not care in the slightest while facing the shocked gazes of the crowd. He pointed at Situ Liang who was on the ground and fiercely said,

You quiet down when Im talking!

Chapter end

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