Martial God Asura – Chapter 101 Arrival of Ill-Intent

Chapter 101 Arrival of Ill-Intent

MGA: Chapter 101 Arrival of Ill-Intent

I really dont know where that Chu Feng got such good luck. He actually got connections with lady Su Rou! He was able to get lady Su Rou to hiddenly help him but she didnt even let me tell Chu Feng that she was helping.

Admiration surged onto the face of that officer as he thought of Su Rous sweet, beautiful face, perfect figure, talent that exceeded others and her shocking background. She was simply a goddess that countless people wanted to have connections with.

They were both in the Azure Dragon School so having connections is normal. Although Chu Feng is young, his unbending attitude is unseen on ordinary people. More or less, that person is a genius. Chen Hui explained.

Even if he is a genius, he is too young. I checked his aura before and he only had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Spirit realm. If that spot is given to him in the New Excellence Assembly, he would certainly hold our Golden-purple City back. The officer said aggrievedly.

Why didnt you say those words in front of lady Su Rou? You personally saw the commanding badge as well and she is really the daughter of the city lord. Do I dare to not give Chu Feng a spot in the assembly when she told me to? Chen Hui was a bit displeased.

Milord...I...I just feel that lady Su Rou said to give Chu Feng a spot because he could maybe help our Golden-purple City get first place and to extinguish the fire on our brows. I feel that lady Su Rou overestimated that Chu Feng.

After all, in the New Excellence Assembly, all sorts of excellent people from cities everywhere gather together like the clouds. With Chu Fengs cultivation, he is simply too weak. Not to mention getting first, he would even be at rock-bottom.

Ive also thought of that problem and perhaps lady Su Rou is reminding me to treat this New Excellence Assembly seriously.

Ive heard rumours that this years New Excellence Assembly would be very special. The city who gets first are exempt from taxes. Although they were only rumours, from what lady Su Rou said, perhaps it was true. Chen Hui sank into thought.

Milord, you arent entrusting that hope on Chu Feng right? The officer was a bit worried.

Of course not. Although Chu Feng is a genius, its as you said. Currently, his strength is still too weak. If we want to get first place in the assembly this year, it seems like its time to call Wanxi back. Within Chen Huis gaze, there was a touch of longing.

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Big miss? She is indeed a rare genius and shes already a core disciple in the Lingyun school. If she can return, she can certainly take first place in this New Excellence Assembly.

But its just that...big miss left quite sulkily that year. She never went to the New Excellence Assemblies in the past so would she come back this year? That officer was slightly concerned.

Today is different from the past. Unless she can bear seeing me, her father, sink into a predicament and ignore it, she will certainly return. Speaking to that point, Chen Hui couldnt help but close his eyes and the past events that happened that year reverberated in his brain.

With a single days worth of time, Chu Feng led many powers and flattened his former enemies in the mountain area.

Not only was he removing hidden diseases, it was a show of might. It let everyone know what the ending was if they opposed the Chu family.

After those things, everyone in the mountain area had a whole new look towards Chu Feng. Not only was his talent impressive, his methods were not ordinary. It made people both admire and fear him. If he could do all this in the age which he in right now, his future achievements would be immeasurable.

After handling everything, the Chu family started to rebuild the Leaning Mountain Town. Chu Feng did not return to the Azure Dragon School as instead, he prepared for the New Excellence Assembly in a few days.

5000 Spiritual Beads. To Chu Feng, that had infinite attraction. Especially when he remembered about the battle in one year and that time was currently counting down, his desire for strength became even stronger.

He must win one year later. So, he must become strong within the one year. Even if he could not reach the Profound realm, he had to be able to defeat those in the Profound realm.

However, the current him was only in the Spirit realm. He was not even in the Origin realm and the challenges that he was going to face were going to be extremely grim.

But, Chu Feng took that as a test. Took it as motivation. The reason why he dared to say 1 year before was because he had a bit of certainty.

Since he had a special body, as long as he had enough Spiritual Beads, breaking through realms was not a problem. So that was why to Chu Feng, the thing that he was most lacking in was cultivation resources. He was insanely gathering Spiritual Beads and he did not give up any chance to get them.

At that instant, on the mountain behind the Leaning Mountain Town, Chu Feng was cultivating.

His aura thickened quite a bit again. He broke through, and by using the 1000 Spiritual Beads that Chen Hui gave him, he finally broke into the 8th level of the Spirit realm. According to Chu Fengs estimations, if he could win the 5000 Spiritual Beads in New Excellence Assembly, there would be no problem for him to step into the 9th level of the Spirit realm.

However, the New Excellence Assembly would include geniuses that were meticulously selected from cities everywhere. Chu Feng did not have 100% confidence that he could get first place.

Although in the Azure Dragon School, within the ones who were under 18 years old, Chu Feng was still considered to be one of the outstanding disciples, he had no way of confirming that he was the strongest within the area that the Vermilion Bird City controlled.

To guarantee victory, he must become strong. So, Chu Feng was currently training in the Bow of Hundred Transformations. That was the only method Chu Feng had to become stronger at that moment.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Within Chu Fengs hands, he was holding a golden pike. The pike had rays of light lingering around it as if it could even easily break through black iron. It was a lot stronger than the weapons Chu Feng created with the 3rd Thunder Style.

When the pike was in Chu Fengs hands, it was extremely tyrannic. It was like a serpent and when it swept everywhere, it had strong grandeur and it was very vigorous. When it stuck out, just with the wind, it could bore holes through a huge tree from a distant.

The Bow of Hundred Transformations. With 3 days, it was mastered by Chu Feng. That was the scariness of Chu Feng.

What was a genius? Chu Feng was a real genius. In front of him, no matter how much harder the martial skill was, he could understand it. What he lacked were only resources.

Whos there?

However, suddenly, Chu Feng felt that a person was hiddenly approaching. That person concealed his aura but it was still caught by Chu Fengs Spirit power.

There was a person who was secretly observing him and his aura was concealed very well. That persons strength was certainly above Chu Fengs and that tensed him up. He cast his serious gaze tightly into the distant forest.

You really do have Spirit power and its even so sharp. No wonder that old guy had good impressions of you.

Just at that moment, strange laughter suddenly rang out in the forest. Following those words, a person also unhurriedly walked into Chu Fengs line of sight.

That person was not too old and at most, he would only be a few years older than Chu Feng. He was quite handsome and there was even a faint smile on his face. Although he looked amiable, Chu Feng felt killing intent within that persons gaze.

Chapter end

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