Martial God Asura – Chapter 38 Famous for a Hundred Miles

Chapter 38 Famous for a Hundred Miles

MGA: Chapter 38 Famous for a Hundred Miles


Chu Feng leapt off from the stage. He did not bother enjoying the cheering and clapping and he directly walked out of the training grounds.

No one knew what to do as they looked at the back of Chu Feng. Only Chu Yuanba smiled and said in a low voice, It seems like this guy has very deep resentments.

After leaving the martial arts training ground, Chu Feng went to Chu Guyus room. Chu Hongfeis punch was very fierce and it was really not light when it hit Chu Guyu. After being unconscious for a good 4 hours he slowly awakened.

Brother, what happened outside? Why is it so loud? Chu Guyu didnt know what happened at the martial arts training ground.

Nothing. Chu Fengs smile was very calm.

Ahh, perhaps 6th uncle is the master now. Its all because of me. If I could have won, father would have... Chu Guyu kept on blaming himself.

Guyu, are you any better?

But just at that time, Chu Yuanba walked in. Behind him were Chu Yuan, Chu Renyi, Chu Nanshan and some other people with high status.

Grandfather, Im fine. Seeing Chu Yuanba, Chu Guyu immediately sat up. He did not dare to neglect this grandfather.

Its good if youre fine. Chu Yuanba lightly chuckled, and on his face, the rare benevolence emerged onto his face then he shot a glance at the Chu Nanshan behind him.

Seeing that, Chu Nanshan said with a bit of embarrassment, Guyu, its all because that child Hongfei inappropriately attacked. But dont put it to heart because now, his injuries are heavier than yours.

What? Chu Hongfei also got injured? Chu Guyu was a bit stunned.

Ah... Chu Nanshan bitterly laughed, but said nothing more and looked meaningfully at Chu Feng.

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Following Chu Nanshans gaze, Chu Guyu stared blankly at first, but shortly after it was like he thought of something and the colour of his face changed as he was surprised. Just at that time, Chu Yuanba also spoke.

Fenger, thank you for today, or else our Chu familys face really would have been trampled over by the Xu family. As Chu Yuanba spoke, he took out 10 Saint Spirit Grasses from his pocket and gave it to Chu Feng.

This... Seeing that, everyone couldnt help but be at a loss. The reward of getting first place in the competition was only 2 Saint Spirit Grasses. But now Chu Yuanba took 10 out. It was not a small number!

Grandfather, what does this mean? Chu Feng pretended to not understand.

This is what you should get. Take it. If you take it, I can feel more comfortable. As he talked, Chu Yuanba had an apologetic face on.

Although he never made things hard for Chu Feng, he never stopped the scenes in which Chu Feng got bullied by the Chu family. As for the reason, it was very simple. It was because he didnt like Chu Feng in his heart as well.

But today, if it wasnt for Chu Feng, his Chu family would have been the laughing stock of the crowd. Also because of Chu Feng, the Chu familys prestige increased many times.

Just now, there were already a few people from different powers that expressed their goodwill towards the Chu family. Chu Yuanba knew that it was caused by Chu Feng, and also because of that, Chu Yuanba felt more guilty towards Chu Feng.

Fenger. Seeing that Chu Feng was hesitating, Chu Yuan quickly urged him.

Then thank you grandfather. Chu Feng accepted the Saint Spirit Grasses but he had no smile on his face.

Chu Yuanba did not mind Chu Fengs actions. Rather, he was happy. He turned around and said to Chu Yuan, In the future, the yearly supplement for Fenger will be 5 Saint Spirit Grasses.

With Chu Yuanbas words, not only other people, even Chu Yuan was astonished. There had never been such treatment before, and Chu Yuanba obviously wanted to develop Chu Feng well.

Although, at that time, the faces of Chu Nanshan and the others were not good, they did not dare to say anything. Because, in the Chu family, Chu Yuanba was like the sky. Even if the position of the family master changed, Chu Yuanba was still the real boss of the Chu family.

The three of you continue chatting. Remember to take care of Guyus injuries. Although today you are the master, dont ignore family relationships. Chu Yuanba instructed Chu Yuan.

I understand, father. Chu Yuan responded.

Chu Yuanba looked at Chu Feng, and seeing Chu Fengs icy face, Chu Yuanba awkwardly smiled and brought the crowd and left.

Father, look at Chu Fengs attitude. He is really too... Just as they walked out of the courtyard, Chu Nanshan started to criticize Chu Feng.

Shut up! But what he got instead was an angry rebuke from Chu Yuanba. He pointed at the crowd with an icy face and said with an extremely serious expression,

Listen up all of you. I do not want to hear anyone say anything bad about Fenger.

If I hear it, no matter who it is, it will be handled, without exception, by the family law.

Hearing those words, the faces of Chu Nanshan and the others paled. They didnt dare to say anything because they knew in the future, in the Chu family, they could not offend Chu Feng anymore.

Father, youre the master now? With the room, Chu Feng was nicely surprised.

Yeah, to be able to get this master position is all thanks to you, my precious son. Chu Yuan was also all smiles, I never would have thought that you were hiding so many things!

Hehe. Chu Feng also smiled very happily as he was facing his fathers praise. He worked so hard was to become the pride of Chu Yuan, and today, it seemed that his wish was reached.

Father, brother, what is happening here? Finally, the fog-headed Chu Guyu spoke.

Seeing that, Chu Yuan smiled at first, then he described everything in detail that happened on the martial arts training ground after Chu Feng left. Which included the sorry leaving figures of the Xu family, Chu Yuanbas announcement that Chu Yuan would take the position of the master, expressing goodwill towards various powers, etc.

After knowing all that, Chu Guyu had his mouth wide open, and he was so shocked that he couldnt say anything. His gaze towards Chu Feng became strangely complicated. He never would have thought that his brother would be like that.

But no matter what, as the elder brother of Chu Feng, he truly felt happy for Chu Feng. Because, he knew, his brother no longer required his protection.

After the gathering, Chu Feng became the topic of heated discussions in the area within the circumference of 100 miles. A lot of people knew that the Chu family produced a martial cultivation genius who was only 15 years old.

Some people even heavily exaggerated Chu Feng. Something about cracking the stage with one foot, a gale created with one breath and the exaggerations simply became legends. Some people even started to have suspicions on whether Chu Feng was a human or not. But, no matter what, Chu Feng was obviously the most paid attention topic of the mountain area.

Especially within the Chu family. Under the pressure of Chu Yuanba, no one dared to say anything bad to Chu Feng and no one dared to be disrespectful to Chu Feng. They had no choice but to face Chu Feng with a whole new attitude and recognize him differently

On that day, Chu Feng and the others returned back to the Azure Dragon School. When leaving, Chu Feng gave Chu Guyu a slip of paper and told him that he can only open it after he left.

You have something under your pillow...

That was the contents of the paper slip. Looking at Chu Feng and the others who were riding horses and gradually getting farther and farther, Chu Guyu helplessly shook his head. He did not know what circle his brother was moving him in.

But, after returning to his room, he still curiously lifted his pillow. Chu Guyu had a calm expression on as he lifted the pillow as it was not important. But, his face instantly changed like the waves because under his pillow, there were 10 Saint Spirit Grasses.

That number was not much to the Chu Feng who refined two Spiritual Beads and dozens of Saint Spirit Grasses, but to Chu Guyu it was a huge number.

Ah... After being shocked, Chu Guyu suddenly laughed. He looked at the direction of the Azure Dragon School and muttered, It seems like the elder brother will have to rely on the younger brother from now on.

Chapter end

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