Mutated Tao – Chapter 65: Let’s See How You Beat The Drum Now!

Chapter 65: Let’s See How You Beat The Drum Now!

Seeing Li Huowang be injured, the Wandering God instantly flew back, crashing into the body of the Second Deity.

The Wandering Gods had always been incorporeal beings, but this time it had met its match. When it crashed into the Second Deity, instead of entering its body, it was bounced off.

AAAAAAAA!! A savage roar was heard as a thick club swung down, smashing into the Second Deitys head, just inches away from Li Huowangs face.

The sound of flesh being torn apart and blood splattering was heard as the Second Deity was launched away, taking with her a big portion of Li Huowangs torn-off shoulder.

The intense pain almost caused Li Huowang to faint, but he couldnt care less. He just took out two bottles and stuffed them into Puppys hands. One of these is poison, while the other is a paralyzing agent. Smear both of them on your swords and help me trap that damned thing.

They couldnt afford to be attacked from both sides, so they had to ensure that the battlefield continued to remain split.

Seeing the Second Deity, which had just lost half of its head, struggling to get up, Puppy clenched his teeth, his legs almost giving in. Senior Li, are you sure these will work on that thing?

Meanwhile, Xiaoman didnt say anything; she just grabbed the two bottles out of his hands. Then, she clenched her teeth and charged with her blade. Whether it works or not, it doesnt matter! The first thing we need to do is to use it!

Li Huowang knew that the chances of those poisons working were slim, but he couldnt care lessif he couldnt defeat Li Zhi, the latter would summon more and more Immortals.

Meanwhile, three Wandering Gods circled around Li Zhi. But every time they tried to get close, something invisible blocked them.

On the other hand, Li Zhi continued to chant while beating the drum made from his own skin even as he saw Li Huowang approaching him. Dont forget to bring the three treasures when you come. Yes, the three treasures~ The Immortal Shackles, the Immortal Binding Rope, and the Spirit Vessel~ Throw the three treasures to the disciple~ Kick him if you cant shackle him~ Stomp him if you cant tie him ai~

Just as Li Zhi finished his chant, he made a throwing motion with the hand holding the whip.

Even though nothing could be seen, the Wandering Gods sensed something. Immediately, one of them flew back, using its body to protect Li Huowang.

Moments later, a crisp explosion rang out as the Wandering God exploded into the squiggly lines that composed it.

At the same time, Li Zhi made another throwing gesture. If Li Huowang was hit by the attack, then he would suffer the same fate as the Wandering God.

But at the last moment, Li Huowang reached behind him and used the sacred text to block it.


The impact caused Li Huowangs arms to become numb.

I blocked it! Amazing! The sacred text is so hard!

Just like that, Li Huowang clenched his teeth as he quickly approached Li Zhi, holding a bell and a shield in front of him.

At the same time, a shake of his hand caused the number of Wandering Gods around him to double.

Li Huowang gave them a command and the Wandering Gods surrounded Li Zhi, attacking him from different directions.

While Li Zhis situation was bad, Li Huowang was not in a good spot either.

Due to there being too many Wandering Gods, he felt an overwhelming sense of nausea and an urge to vomit.

Now, it was just a battle of attrition.

Amidst the chaos, Li Huowang realized that in his current state, he could see the Immortals that were helping Li Zhi block the attacks from the Wandering Gods.

The Immortals all had different faces, shapes, and sizes, while their bodies were translucent, almost looking like white smoke. There were humanoids, beasts, and something in between. At the same time, their appearances gradually changed as well. All the organs that made up their bodies trembled ever so slightly to the beat of Li Zhis drum.

Seeing this scene allowed Li Huowang to instantly understand.

There were many Immortals all around them, but all their bodies were translucent and incorporeal. If they wanted to interact with the physical realm, then they had to do so through a special rhythm, and the key to achieving this was the beat of that drum.

However, as he got closer, the sound of his bronze bell started to overpower the sound of the drum beats, allowing the Wandering Gods to find a crack in their defenses.

Upon noticing that the situation was not in his favor, Li Zhis expression froze for a moment before he opened his mouth so wide that the sides of his mouth split open before his red tongue slithered out like a snakes tongue.

At the same time, his voice changed into one filled with sadness. Smoke~ Clouds~ Ai~~

The moment he said those words, a strong gust of wind blew around them, allowing the sound of the drum beats to overpower the sound of the bell.

At the same time, Li Huowang heard a bizarre voice carried by the wind; it was as if a woman was softly whispering something to him.

Everything around him started shifting.

Gradually, the sound of the wind, drum beats, and the bell were all replaced by other sounds.

Soon, the sounds of peoples conversations, a Rubiks Cube being turned, the sound of leather shoes, and the sounds of mobile phones started to fill his surroundings.

By the time he finally realized what was happening, he noticed that he was already wearing a blue-and-white hospital gown and was being helped by someone as they walked around within the courtyard of the mental hospital. Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

This is all fake! Its just an illusion!

Li Huowang raised his head and stared at his surroundings. Immediately, he managed to see Old Liu being helped by his own daughter toward the exit of the mental hospital.

Li Huowang could see that the distance between him and Old Liu was roughly the same as the distance between him and Li Zhi.

Huowang, whats wrong? asked the person helping him.

Meanwhile, Li Huowang suddenly chuckled coldly, his expression turning fierce. Out of all possible methods Li Zhi could have tried to use to defeat Li Huowang, he chose to use the method that was the least effectiveillusions.

He shook off the hand that was holding him and stepped onto the courtyards stairs with his right foot before running straight toward Old Liu.

Slowly, the sound of people conversing with each other entered Li Huowangs ears.

Doctor, thank you so much. If it wasnt for you, my father would not have recovered so soon, said a female voice.

Hoho. Its nothing much. This is the responsibility of us doctors. Mr. Liu, dont forget to take your medications on time when you are home, advised the doctor

Alright, replied Old Liu.

LI ZHI! Li Huowangs shout caused everyone, including Old Liu who had already changed into a nice-looking shirt and was ready to be discharged, to turn their heads to look at him.


Li Huowangs fist landed squarely on Old Lius cheek, causing a denture to fly into the air alongside blood.

In the very next second, the illusion was broken and Li Huowang saw Li Zhis head being tilted upward due to his punch, giving him a nosebleed.

Meanwhile, the Immortals around them wanted to stop Li Huowang, but they were all intercepted by the six Wandering Gods.

Lets see how you beat the drum now! said Li Huowang as he unsheathed his sword and stabbed it forcefully.


The sharp sword easily managed to chop Li Zhis fingers off. Then, he stabbed the sword into the drum he had made with his own body, piercing all the way into his abdomen.

With just a single stab, Li Huowang managed to stop the drum beats, and so he also stopped ringing the bronze bell. This caused both the Wandering Gods and the Immortals around them to turn completely silent.

Li Zhi stared at his bleeding abdomen with shock on his face before taking two steps back and slumping onto the ground.

On the other hand, Li Huowang was panting as he stared at the dying Li Zhi. He turned around and saw that the others who were fighting against the Second Deity had also stopped.

Hoho, Taoist Li, Im sorry said Li Zhi in a weak voice.

Chacha and Char's Thoughts

Yoooo imagine if both sides are real. MC punched Old Liu who had just been discharged

Chapter end

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