Mutated Tao – Chapter 96: Ba-Hui’s Descent

Chapter 96: Ba-Hui’s Descent

It hurts. His heart was in extreme pain, almost as if it were being sliced by a jagged knife. At the same time, the large cavity in Li Huowangs abdomen was causing his body to tremble uncontrollably.

However, even as he suffered from the most extreme mental and physical pain, he was still smiling.

He smiled at the thing running out from within the bamboo forest. He recognized it. It was a mirror copy of himself. However, it had blood-red eyes.

Ka Ka Ka!

Li Huowangs teeth clattered uncontrollably as he hooked his own intestines before pulling them out and dangling them in the air, almost like a bridge.

AAAAAAH!! Li Huowang raised the pikehead in his hand and shoved it into the red bamboo slip that was glowing with an eerie red light, all the while almost going crazy from the pain.

Jiang Jiang!

At that moment, a sinister black flame exploded out from it and covered the surroundings.

Immediately, Li Huowangs five senses once again melded together; however, this time around, thanks to the intense pain, he felt that his senses were much more sensitive. This time around, he was able to sense everything even more clearly.

Once again, he could feel the presence of Ba-Hui who was high above in the heavens. He could feel its intoxicating presence.

While Ba-Hui just ignored Li Huowang, through sacrificing the pain he felt from his mental and physical state, he obtained something he needed from Ba-Hui, something profound.

With the descent of Ba-Huis presence, Li Huowangs extreme pain was transformed into something else.eew updates t nvel/bi(.)com

In the next instant, a surge of power started radiating from Li Huowang. It was an otherworldly power.

Everything around Li Huowang started to crack as even the very space itself was twisted apart and bent.

Then, Li Huowang raised the pikehead in his right hand and swiped it gently.

In that moment, the fabric of space was torn apart. The bamboo, the leaves, and anything living within it were all torn in half.

Meanwhile, the little girls head was torn apart, revealing the numerous thumb-sized humanoid figures within, all of them having the same face as the little girl.

Those humanoid figures were just about to escape when all of them fell to their deaths in just a few steps.

Even though the Eighteenth Lunar was not in the direction that Li Huowang attacked, he could easily locate it with his melded senses. It was running east. Presently, all five heads of the Eighteenth Lunar were afraid; somehow, Li Huowang was capable of understanding its innermost thoughts.

Hearing the fearful cries emanating from its red eyes, Li Huowang laughed. He raised his arm and then stabbed his own abdomen with the pikehead.

In that instant, everything around him felt his pain; even the bamboo around him and the stones on the ground felt his pain. The inanimate objects started to twist and turn, becoming more and more horrifying to look at with each passing moment; they were all screaming in despair due to the pain they were experiencing.

Naturally, the Eighteenth Lunar was also caught up in this attack.

Originally, the Eighteenth Lunar was a being that didnt have a sense of pain. But thanks to Li Huowangs actions, it was now given the ability to sense pain.

At that moment, it regretted having offended such a person.

Unfortunately, an instant was all it took for it to be engulfed by the extreme pain, causing it to commit suicide from despair caused by the extreme pain.

When everything was over, Li Huowangs body slowly fell to his right side.

Every corner of his body was screaming in pain, but he was laughinghe didnt know why, but he was laughing.

Surely I will die from such a serious wound, right? Hahaha! muttered Li Huowang. He could feel his internal organs falling out from the cavity in his abdomen.

However, he didnt do anything about it.

Its good that Im dying! At least, there wont be any pain left when I die. Im so tired Why me I I really dont want to die I just want to live a normal life like everyone else The dying Li Huowang slowly lost consciousness, his thoughts slowly dying down.

At the same time, his five senses slowly split apart and returned back to their normal functions.

Just before his senses were restored to normal, Li Huowang felt Ba-Hui glancing at him from above the heavens.

Then, everything turned dark.

He wasnt sure how long it had been before he heard the faint sound of a beating drum and footsteps. He could even hear the sound of a nurse rearranging the medicine ampules, causing him to feel irritated by all the noise.

Its so noisy! Be quiet! muttered Li Huowang.

When he opened his eyes in shock, he saw a cart filled with the glass ampules.

After some time had passed, Li Huowang finally realized that he was not dead; instead, he was within his hallucination.

Looking at the beeping machines around him, Li Huowang recognized that this was the ICU.

Was he happy that he hadnt died? No, rather than being happy, he felt regret.

Why am I not dead?

Doctor! The patient in room twelve has woken up! A voice was heard.

Meanwhile, Li Huowang disregarded the nurses excited voice, trying to understand what was happening in the real world over there.

At that moment, he heard the door open and he closed his eyes, completely sealing away his senses from the world, waiting for the hallucination to pass.

But then, he heard a familiar voice. It was his main attending doctor at the mental hospital, Li Xiangguo. Little Li, I know you are awake. Open your eyes and lets talk.

However, Li Huowang ignored him; he did not want to interact with anything within this hallucination.

Yang Na has gotten a new boyfriend, continued Doctor Li.

Immediately, Li Huowangs eyes sprung open in shock. But all he saw was the doctor crossing his arms with a mischievous smile.

Seeing this, Li Huowang wanted to smash that conceited face in; however, it was only then that he realized that his right arm had been cuffed to the bed.

Dont be rash. Yang Na hasnt gotten a new boyfriend. But you see? You will still react when something important occurs. So, why are you so conflicted? The doctor, clad in white, took a stool and sat beside Li Huowang. Let me guess, you thought that the other side was real, right?

Instantly, Li Huowangs breathing started turning rapid as the machines around him started beeping as a warning. But in the end, he didnt say anything and just closed his eyes.

Little Li, lets skip the pleasantries. Since you thought that the place over there is real, then let's talk about the world over there, shall we? Let me ask you this, which world is more illogical? Your world over there, or the one we are in right now? asked Doctor Li.

Chacha and Char's Thoughts

Bloody hell this chapter was crazy. How did the author come up with this?!

Chapter end

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