Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 11: Age of Dragons (6)

Chapter 11: Age of Dragons (6)

"But why have you transformed into that appearance again, Mother?"

"Hm? What do you mean by that appearance?"

Shamash asked, looking at me transformed into a human form.

"What's wrong with this form?"

"Um... Normally, Mother shines and is as beautiful as ever, but now, Mother looks more cute than shining."

"But it suits me, doesn't it?"

I smiled slightly and poked my cheek with my index fingers.

"Well, it does fit! It's cute! But I prefer Mother with your shining beauty!"

"But isn't this also good in its own way?"

Well, that's not to say I plan to marry and have children. Now, I have seven children, not mine, but still. Indirectly born, but like grandchildren, plenty of them. A whole lot of them.

Unlike when I roamed the world alone creating life, there's a noisy joy to it now.

"Great Creator Dragon!!! This wretched Blue Dragon!"

"No, it's this foolish Gold!!!"

It's quite a tough job looking after the other children from this standpoint.

Certainly a small number... ah, except for the Blacks. The Blacks started with dozens.

Anyway, the dragons started with a small number, but now there are hundreds of dragons spreading their wings in this world.

Therefore, a tremendous amount of work was pouring down on me, who was mediating these children.

"If it's not a serious matter, can't you resolve it through conversation? What was it. If Thetis and Shamash could just talk it out...."

Ah, no. That wouldn't be resolved.

Because they were made from my scales, the children sided with those who had the same scale color as themselves.

Anyway, I was the only one who could listen to the children's words from a neutral standpoint.

So today, too, I was being troubled by the children.

"Mother! Please return to your original form! Let's show your shining beauty to the other children!"

"It's bothersome. And my body is too big and gets in the way."

Since I'm twice as big as the largest, Sagar. Honestly, it's hard to sit calmly with that body.

And more importantly, being in this human form allows me to reminisce about being human. Yes.

If humans are born someday... it would be nice to live among them.

Ah, but I also have to do something about these horns. Even if I transform, the horns remain, which is quite troublesome.

"Or... how about you try transforming into this form?"

"Me? Transform?"

Shamash was astonished by my words. Is that really something to be astonished about?

"How could I give up this shining beautiful body and transform into such a fragile-looking form? That's ridiculous!"

"Fragile-looking... Even in this form, I'm much stronger than you are now."

Even in a human form, the essence of the body is dragon. That strength doesn't just disappear.

Honestly, even in this form, I could easily defeat Shamash in a fight.

The dignity of the strongest being in the world. Ahem.

Hmm... Is it because the human form looks like a child? I feel like my mental age is getting younger. Is it just my imagination?

"Or, do you dislike it because your beauty will disappear if you transform into this form?"

"M-My beauty disappear? That's impossible! I'm beautiful in any form!"

Shamash confidently declared. Indeed, Shamash's golden shining form is beautiful.

I'm curious about what a human form would look like.

"Well, then... gather your magic power... and transform into the same form as Mother..."

Shamash gathered her magic power, struggled for a while, and then began to transform with a small light.

And the transformed Shamash's appearance was...

"A blonde beauty."

Somehow, it seemed like the blonde beauty should laugh with an "Ohoho!"

"Right? Ah, you mean it's beautiful! That's what you mean!"

"Yes. That's right."

A blonde young girl. Somehow, it seemed like she would suit having her hair curled with a curling iron into a bun.

"Hmm... Even in this form, I am indeed beautiful!"

"Shamash. Why don't you try laughing with an 'Ohohoho'?"

"Huh? Ah, yes. Ohohohoho!"

As expected, it was a laugh that suited her very well.

The feeling of a blonde noble lady. Hmm.

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"Hmm... Even this form of mine is quite beautiful! Mother was too small and cute, though."

"That's what I'm saying."

I looked like a child, while Shamash appeared to be a teenager, not far from adulthood.

I'm older, but... I don't understand why there's such a difference. Really.

"Being small has its own advantages, I suppose. It seems like I could enter places I normally couldn't."

"Hmm. It's more convenient than I thought."

Being in a human form is pleasing to the eyes as well.

Honestly, while the dragon form is cool... seeing it too much gets a bit old. Yep.

And so, starting with Shamash, transforming into a human form became a trend among the other children.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Time continued to pass, and the number of dragon children gradually increased.

I was worried the land might not be enough with so many large dragons, but nowadays, living in human form has become the standard, so it was more manageable than expected.

And by living as humans, an unexpected change occurred that I hadn't anticipated.


"Hm? Ah, you've come."

The human form seemed to have been a significant stimulus for the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs of smaller size began to mutate into forms closer to humans.

These human-like dinosaurs... conveniently called lizardmen, turned out to be quite intelligent creatures.

They knew how to use tools and make fire... roughly the intelligence level of primitive humans.

Lizardmen appeared before humans... Is this a conspiracy of the reptilians?!

Well, just joking.

"What brings you here today?"

"Krruk. Shk! Shk!"

Lizardmen, who had changed in admiration of the dragons transformed into humans, still had a mouth structure not quite suitable for speaking language, making sounds closer to cries.

What was held in its hand was a small flower.

"Hmm, is this for me?"

"Krru! Kruup!"

"Thank you."

I smiled and accepted the flower given by the lizardman.

A small white flower. A common little flower that bloomed around here, but receiving it as a gift made me very happy.

"Then I must give something in return. What do you wish for?"

"Krruk. Kruu!"

The lizardman handed me something it carried with its tail. A broken stone spear. A spear with a blade made of shiny black obsidian.

"Hmm. A broken spear, I see. Do you wish for it to be repaired?"

Though it couldn't speak, the lizardman nodded slightly in agreement.

I didn't know what had caused it to break, but it must have been an important item to this lizardman.

I took the spear handed to me by the lizardman. Hmm. What should I do to fix it?

Well, the answer is simple.

I raised my magical power and wrapped the spear with it, then used magic.

Well, although the system of magic hasn't been fully developed yet. I could still use fragmentary magic as much as I wanted.

The magic I'm using now is... a very simple time reversal magic.

Simple as it may be, even when I tried teaching it to other dragons, they couldn't use it!

Well, since it's a magic based on my special privilege, maybe it's to be expected.

The broken spear shaft automatically clung together, and the crack that had formed slowly disappeared. And not long after, a spear with no trace of having been broken was completed.

And an additional bonus. I cast a time freeze magic on the spear so it wouldn't break again.

"Here, it won't break again. Use it well."

"Krruk! Khuff! Khuff!"

The lizardman, extremely happy. Seeing it so purely happy makes me happy too.

Compared to the dragon children whose personalities have started to worsen lately... This is nice. Definitely.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The treasure of the lizardman. The ancient obsidian spear is a sacred treasure given by the legendary Creator Dragon to the ancestors of the lizardmen.

According to legend, the ancestor of the lizardmen offered a white flower to the Creator Dragon and received the magic-infused obsidian spear.Gt latest ovel chpters on nv(e)lbj/n(.)c/m

Due to the magic, the obsidian spear never dulls, and its shaft never breaks under any attack.

What magic the Creator Dragon cast on the spear is still a matter of debate, whether it's simply a strengthening magic or an abnormal effect by primitive magic, and it is said that even the dragons, masters of magic, do not understand this magic.

The ancient obsidian spear is still passed down to this day and serves as a treasure of the lizardman race, handed down from generation to generation to the representative and the chief of the major tribes.

- Encyclopedia of Legendary Weapons.

Chapter end

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