Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 13: War of the Dragons (1)

Chapter 13: War of the Dragons (1)

The decrease in dragon birth rates had several causes, but the biggest reason was the dragon's arrogance.

When they were living beings, their instincts would have whispered to them the need to leave offspring, but now, about 80% of their existence had transcended biological life.

It was natural.

Still, since the dragons' lifespans had increased... even if the annual birth rate decreased, they could somehow maintain their population.


"How lonely..."

Lately, the number of children coming to see me had started to decrease.

The occasional lizardmen visits had now dwindled to just once a year to offer meat.

Only the seven children who had received my scales came to visit occasionally. Is this what it feels like to be an old man in the back room?

The number of dinosaurs, which had been on the brink of extinction, was slowly recovering, and the friction and disputes among dragons were decreasing... Well, they're not coming to me, so it must be decreasing, right?

The number of lizardmen was increasing, too. It would be nice if mammals diversified at the right time and primitive humans appeared. Hmm....

Thus, I spent my time leisurely, observing the overall situation of the world, and soon felt a bit sleepy.

After all the tiresome events, it's only natural to feel sleepy. Yes.

I wrote a note in the cave where I lived, saying I was going into hibernation for a while, and then moved to the top of a high mountain to dig out a large cave.

Here, I wouldn't be disturbed by others.

And so, I began my first hibernation.

Well, even though it was hibernation, only my body slept, and my mind was awake.

This time, I should thoroughly check out the internet of other worlds. Time seems to fly by.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How long had I been asleep?


Suddenly, a loud roar reached the top of the mountain where I was sleeping.

War? What sudden war? Had aliens invaded? Or had a transcendent octopus-headed monster awakened from the abyss?

If not... could it be?

Due to my long sleep, my body had stiffened, and it took me slowly moving to loosen up.

Ugh... How long had I been asleep? It took me days just to loosen up my body.

Once my body moved smoothly, I leapt out of the cave where I lived, flew into the sky, and saw.

"What is this?"

Numerous dragons were flying in the sky, breathing fire at each other.

"What in the world is happening?"

A dreadful scene where they not only breathed fire but also lashed with tails and tore each other's scales with teeth and claws.

Most of the attacks were on the children of Black, with Red, Gold, and Blue mainly attacking Black.

It was a chaotic situation. In the midst of this.


A flame suddenly flew in from somewhere and hit my face, exploding.

Hmm, slightly warm.

"A giant silver dragon...? Could it be?!"

"Could it be the Creator Dragon God who disappeared hundreds of years ago?!"

"Creator Dragon God or whatever! Don't stop attacking! This time, we'll burn all the Blacks!"

"Creator Dragon God, what a tacky name!"

"It's just an old thing that's fallen behind the times! The world already belongs to us Black dragons!"

Tsk. These brats have such foul mouths. What insolent lizard brats.

A not-so-enlightening time to see how poorly the seven children have been educated.

"What do we do about the Creator Dragon God?!"

"I don't know! Just counterattack!"

"Breath! Dodge it!!"

Once again, the breath of fire is hastily dodged by the children of Black.

And the missed breath hits me once again.


A breath of fire that could melt rocks into lava in an instant. But to me, it was just a slightly warm breath.

However, the problem wasn't the damage from such attacks.

How dare. They. Breathe fire at me?

I looked at the Red dragon that had breathed fire at me.

A considerably large dragon. Not an immature young dragon, but one that had been an adult for a long time.

I slowly flapped my wings and approached the Red Dragon.


The Red Dragon, perhaps frightened by my approaching figure, kept breathing fire. However, such lukewarm flames couldn't even make me feel a slight warmth.

"These kids these days... have no manners. Breathing fire at their elders like that."

As I got closer, the Red Dragon panicked and tried to flee with its wings. But.


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I was much faster in grabbing the Red Dragon's face than it was in escaping.

"Ifrit has really messed up the education of these young ones. What a pitiful sight."

"Kh, khoughh!"

The Red Dragon struggled to escape from my forepaw, but its feeble resistance couldn't even affect one of my claws.

"Do you want to die?"


Something twisted inside the grip of my hand.

And the groaning of the Red Dragon slowly lost its shape and flowed away.

I sighed softly while looking at the Red Dragon and then spread my forepaw.

The Red Dragon, now with a bloodied head, fell lifelessly.


Silence descended on the battlefield. All eyes were focused on me, and not a single noise could be heard.

I spread my wings and headed elsewhere.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My former home, the cave I used to come to when the dragons had a dispute. My home before hibernation.

The cave was completely blocked due to the mountain collapsing from the war.

The temple of the lizardmen located near the cave was already in ruins.

The temple that the small lizardmen had diligently built by stacking stones had now turned into a pile of rubble.

I sighed softly and looked up at the sky.

A chaotic scene of giant dragons fighting in the air, attacking each other. The aftermath was destroying the ground.

Giant trees were burning and collapsing, numerous dinosaurs and animals were losing their homes and dying while trying to escape, and small animals were digging burrows to survive in a hellish scene.

Amidst such a scene, I let out an annoyed sigh and said softly.


Unknowingly, magic was imbued in my sincere words, and the dragons that my voice touched stopped moving and plummeted to the ground.

A slight annoyance is rising. What exactly happened for these immature ones to wage war?

"What is this?!"

"My body won't move...!"

Looking down at the dragons that had fallen and created dozens of large craters, I swallowed my annoyance and said.

"What happened while I was asleep? You there. Speak."

I spoke to the Black Dragon groaning in pain in one of the craters, and the Black Dragon looked up at me and said.

"Creator Dragon God...! Please withdraw your killing intent!"

"I didn't harbor any killing intent, though."

"Then why can't we move our bodies?"

Well, why indeed?

Perhaps it's because I was rudely awakened by the noise from a nap, only to find the world I had been tending to shattered by these grandchildren-like creatures waging war?

Well, it must be because of the one sincere word I spoke.

I spoke sincerely again.


Then, the dragons that had been struggling to move were freed.

"Why did this happen? Explain slowly."

"Well, it's a very long story if I start talking..."

"Summarize it shortly."

"The insolent Gold Dragon attacked our hatchlings! One hatchling was sacrificed!"

What? The hatchlings? In a situation where the birth rate is already disastrously low, and each one is precious?

"You there, Gold. Is what he said true?"

"Well, that's..."

"Speak clearly."

"We did attack the hatchling, but... Black first expanded their territory excessively and invaded ours!"

So, Black messed up the territory first, and Gold attacked the hatchling in anger because of that?

Then why did the others get involved?

"You there, Red. Blue. Why did you join the fight?"

"Because Black was wrong! We couldn't just watch Black cause chaos with their numbers!"

"It was so bad that Black even reached out to the sea. This is unfair!"

Hmm... So, it's ultimately a matter of territory.

I let out a small sigh.

[Erebus. Shamash. Ifrit. Thetis. Sylphid. Sagarmatha. Yggdrasil. Appear before me.]

I called the names of my seven children, and the children whose names were called were summoned before me.

"Ugh?! M-Mother?!"

"What is this...? Mom?!"

The children, suddenly summoned, were surprised to see me.

"Explain. What happened while I was asleep?"

Seeing my angry appearance, the seven children found it difficult to speak.FOlloow ewest stories at n(v)el/bi/n(.)com

Chapter end

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