Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 16: War of the Dragons (4)

Chapter 16: War of the Dragons (4)

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The giant meteor piercing through the clouds.

In the eyes of the dragons looking at it, there is astonishment, fear, despair.

"Mo-Mother?! What is that?!"

"My goodness"

I have never exerted such power before, to be forced to take such measures.

"Mom! We were wrong!!! Please forgive us!!!"

"So-sorry. Mom"

"If that falls, the world will be destroyed! Completely shattered!!!"

The pressure of the giant meteor weighs down the world. The pressure is so great that even the robust bodies of dragons can hardly move under the immense pressure.

Even though the meteor has not fully fallen yet, a huge crater begins to form on the plain.

Just the prelude is this severe, what would happen if the meteor actually falls?

Of course, the world would be doomed.

"You underestimated me too much, so I just showed you what I could do."


"Of course, I had no intention of actually letting the meteor fall."

Because I do not wish for the destruction of this world.

Just to show these foolish children a bit of my power.

I completely dispersed the clouds and looked at the meteor revealing its true form.

The giant meteor, burning red as it passes through the atmosphere. A meteor as large as a mountain.nw stries at n/vel/b/i/n(.)co

If it falls, the crust would turned upside down, lava from the ground would boil over, and the rocks and soil thrown up by the impact would become a giant dust cloud covering the world.

But such destruction is not what I wished for.

I gathered magic power in my mouth and blew it out forcefully.

A silver breath. The nature contained within it annihilation.

The breath of destruction that annihilates everything it touches.

A streak of silver, reminiscent of the Milky Way, strikes directly at the giant meteor.

"Mother's breath?"

"How could such a breath deal with that meteor!"

The children's eyes were still filled with despair.

because it seemed no different than pouring a trickle of water on a massive wildfire, naturally.



As the breath hits the meteor, the situation completely changes.

The breath, like a chopstick piercing soft tofu, penetrates the entire meteor, then slowly spreads over and envelops it.

The silver mist, which annihilates everything it touches and turns it back into magical power, erodes the meteor.

In just a few seconds, numerous cracks spread from the silver hole, and the giant meteor, turns to silver and shatters into pieces and scatters.

With not a fragment of the meteor left, the dragons were left speechless.

"Have you forgotten who spread life in this world? Who gave you your bodies? If I wished, I could destroy this world by myself, but you just thought I would remain silent."

Fear takes root in the children's eyes. Astonishment. Dread.

It's already too late. Irreversible.

But, perhaps this was for the best.

"My children. Return the scales."

I spoke softly.

"You have failed to properly control your children. Failed to manage them. Until the moment my patience continued, you showed no results, merely exploiting the loopholes in the rules to cause trouble."

I approached the children closest to me.


"Return to the wind."


As I removed the silver scale from Sylphid's lower jaw, Sylphid's body disperses into a gust of wind.

Not dead or annihilated.

Just that the loss of the body caused the self to scatter.

Like with Ifrit, over time, it will return to its original gust after a while.



"Return to the sea."


Thetis shook her head, not wanting to return, but it was already too late.

Haven't you failed to properly heed my words? Haven't I given you numerous opportunities?

If you didn't want to return, shouldn't you have managed the children properly?

Thetis, with the silver scale removed from her jaw, disperses into water.

As this water flows and makes its way to the sea, it will awaken once again.

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"Yes. Sorry. Mom."

"Return to where you belong."

Sagarmatha silently accepted his punishment and handed over the silver scale without any resistance.

Thus, Sagarmatha's shining scale turned into dust and scattered.

The forehead of the silent world will return to its original place once again.

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"I'm sorry, Mom. We should have done better"

"Regret is always too late. Return to your original form, a tree."

I removed the scale from under Yggdrasil's jaw, and Yggdrasil's green scale turned into leaves of the same color and scattered.

When buds sprout, leaves grow, and flowers bloom on Yggdrasil's original form, a giant tree, it will awaken again.


"Uh, Mom"


"I-I'm sorry. I am. I am."


I called Shamash's name three times, and then Shamash finally handed over the scale.

"I'm really sorry"

"This is a punishment. A punishment for not properly managing your children."


"And a punishment for me as well. For not properly managing you. Though our blood is not the same, it's a punishment for taking away the bodies of my precious children."

I removed Shamash's silver scale, and Shamash disappeared into a dazzling light.

And finally.



The child, like black darkness, looked up at me.

"Do you have any last words?"

"I'm sorry. I was too foolish. I was too impatient."

"You shouldn't have apologized to me. You should have apologized to your children."

What must have been the feelings of children who had to be sacrificed for the greed of parents they trusted and followed?

Yet, how must have those children felt, following their parents' orders despite everything?

That's why I couldn't just leave Erebus alone.

Because he was smarter than the other children, a good child who longed for a family.

I couldn't just leave him alone.

"Return to the darkness."

I should have paid more attention. Could I have paid more attention than now? If I could turn back time, could I have achieved a better outcome?

I don't know. It was unknowable.

I was just tired.

"Give me the scale."

I reached for the scale under Erebus's jaw.


Suddenly, there was an explosion of magical power from Erebus's silver scale.

"Erebus? What have you done now?"

"I'm sorry, Mother."

Was it because of the explosion? The silver scale under Erebus's jaw was split into two pieces.

"I'm really, really sorry."

And then, Erebus disappeared into the shadows in an instant.

"Erebus? Erebus?!"

Even though I called his name again, Erebus did not answer.

[Erebus! Show yourself!]

Even though I called with sincerity and magical power, Erebus did not reveal himself.

Did he not want his scale to be taken away that much?

How could he have been so greedy?

I just wanted to live peacefully with the other children.

Where did it all go wrong? From the beginning? Was it when I gave the scales to the children? Or was it when those children wanted to share their scales with other dragons like me?

I was just filled with regret.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Creator Dragon is a unique faith held by the Lizardmen. It is a primitive faith that believes that this world was created by a giant silver dragon, and that those who commit sins will be taken away by the Dragon of Destruction, who is the mate of the Creator Dragon.

Scholars argue that the origin of this faith is the primitive dragon faith. They say that the origin of this faith is the era when countless dragons ruled the earth.

To the primitive Lizardmen, who were the first inhabitants of the earth before humans, the existence of the strong and fearsome dragon must have been a god-like existence.

And this faith in the Creator Dragon mentions the existence of the Dragon of Destruction, who ends everything. It says that when this world is filled with sin, the benevolent Creator Dragon will become disillusioned with everything and become the Dragon of Destruction, who will destroy the world.

The Lizardmen say that the obsidian spear they received from the Creator Dragon is proof that the Creator Dragon existed. They say that in the era when countless dragons existed, the Dragon of Destruction opened its eyes due to the anger of sin and war.

After that, the Lizardmen claim that the Dragon of Destruction destroyed the majority of the dragons that had disappointed it, but scholars do not accept this claim.

The most likely explanation of the end of the Dragon Age is believed to be the destruction by a giant meteorite. It is claimed that countless dragons burned their own lives to prevent a meteorite that would destroy this world from falling.

This is claimed to be evidenced by the results of dating the numerous dragon corpses excavated from dragon graves and the fact that the thick magical layer created by the enormous magical power used to destroy the meteorite was created at the same time. This is currently the most accepted theory.

- The Lizardmen's faith: The Creator Dragon and the Age of Dragons.

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