Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 26: Subrace (1)

Chapter 26: Subrace (1)

Humans began to forge their own paths.

Using the gifts I had given them as a stepping stone, little by little, slowly but surely.

The one I handed the crown to started to lead people with great enthusiasm, and began to merge surrounding human groups.

Sometimes through persuasion, sometimes through force. The owner of the crown merged other human groups to form even larger ones.

This sight could be seen as the birth of a primitive state.

Well, it did lead to food shortages, but they managed to supplement the lack of food somehow through farming learned from the lizardmen, fishing with the thread I gave them, and exchanging necessary obsidian with the lizardmen for food.

They also made pottery by baking clay with fire and made crude clothes by weaving leather with thread and needle. The humans were developing, albeit slowly but surely.

Hmm. Good. It seems I can reduce the gifts now. It's so nice to see them finding their own ways.

It's nice not having to intervene.

I'll only help with problems they absolutely cannot handle on their own.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As I observed the humans, time passed.

Enough time for the owner of the crown to change several times. A world where humans have spread across the continent, making it rare to find a place without humans.

While looking over such a world.

"Mom. Do you have a moment?"

Yggdrasil's voice came from a nearby tree.


"Yes. It's me. Yggdrasil. I have something I'd like to consult with you about, is it okay to talk?"

It's unusual for Yggdrasil, who has been reflecting on its main body for a long time, to speak to me. Must be something.

Well, I think it has reflected enough.

"What is it?"

"Could you come to my main body? It would be quicker to explain if you come."

"To your main body?"

A tree as large as a mountain. The gigantic tree located in the northwest of the continent. The largest of the plants that have been in place since the world was created.

Yggdrasil was calling me.

After the era of dragons ended, Yggdrasil has been reflecting on its main body, waiting for me... Calling me. What could it be?

I flew in the direction of Yggdrasil's main body, puzzled.

"What did you call me for?"

"You came quickly. Mom."

Well, crossing a continent for me is not a difficult task.

It would be over in minutes.

"The matter I want to consult with you about is... not something else."Visitt novlbin(.)c/m for the ltest updates

Yggdrasil moved one of its branches to point at the tree's base, where a large number of humans were gathered closely.

"These people have started to gather around me, and I don't know what to do."

Yggdrasil's voice sounded strangely flustered.

"I still haven't reflected enough to face you, Mom... But they keep gathering around me... I don't know what to do..."

Hmm. Is that so.

This child still feels guilty towards me.

Well, since I never really got angry at Yggdrasil, the guilt must have grown.

I've already let go of that anger.

"It's okay. You've reflected enough."


"There's no need to blame yourself too much. Isn't that enough reflection?"

Yggdrasil didn't respond to my words.

"Let's put that aside for now, are these humans causing you trouble?"

"What? Oh, yes... It is troubling. Really troubling."

Troubling enough to bother Yggdrasil. What are these humans doing?

"They... started to worship me."



"At first, they were humans who came to the forest looking for food, but upon seeing me, they silently kneeled and bowed. Then they went back, brought more humans, and the new humans bowed too, and brought even more humans... This repeated and..."

There were easily over a hundred humans gathered around the base of Yggdrasil.

"They're causing you trouble, is that what you're saying? Then should I drive them away for you?"

"Ah, no! It's not, It's not that kind of trouble..."

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Yggdrasil hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"May I, take them in?"

Is that all you called me for?

After the chaos caused by the dragons, the children, especially Yggdrasil, felt a great deal of guilt.

I never thought Yggdrasil would rely on me for such a trivial matter...

"Do as you wish. There's no need to feel guilty about the past anymore. Haven't you reflected enough?"


"Much time has passed since then. My anger has subsided, so don't worry."

Honestly, Yggdrasil was more entangled by the other children. It might feel a bit unfair.

"I'm not hesitating for that reason. I've seen you for several years, Mom. I can tell at a glance whether you're still angry or not."

Hmm? That's not it?

"The reason I hesitate is... Humans are creatures you particularly cherish, is it okay for me to take them in?"


I particularly cherish? Humans?

"You do cherish them, don't you? Humans?"

Do I?

I thought hard. Did I particularly cherish humans?

Of course, I gave them various gifts, made them a crown, and especially took care of them but... Hmm...

Wait, am I... incredibly biased?

No, wait, I didn't think I was biased? Was I actually biased?

Thinking about it, I never really gave gifts to the dragons, and they only caused me trouble until I finally got angry...

As for the lizardmen, the gifts were... fixing a spear, teaching them farming and fire... Hmm...

I was incredibly biased.

No, originally I was human too. The humans, just out of their monkey phase, seemed pitiful. So, I ended up taking care of them... Un...

Let's reflect. Reflect.

"Did you not realize?"

"That's... right..."

I was favoring the humans.... Hmm....

"Anyway, it's okay for you to take in those humans. It seems they want to worship you."

"Really? Then I'll take care of them! I won't make the same mistake again!"

Yggdrasil spoke confidently, the guilt gone from its voice.

Though it said otherwise, Yggdrasil must have been hesitating because of my previous anger.

Then... let's see how the humans Yggdrasil takes in will develop.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Children of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Guardians of the Great Forest and the quiet people of the woods.

With a beauty incomparable to humans and a lifespan much longer, they are a subrace living vastly different lives.

With magical aptitude and the ability to communicate with spirits far beyond humans, along with agile movements and amazing archery skills, each of them is a formidable scout, archer, and mage.

Their skills are recognized by most adventurers, and if one embarks on an adventure with an elf companion, the journey is highly likely to succeed.

However, even elves have a downside.

If you're traveling with them, even a single tree branch must be treated with care.

'A tree branch?' Anyone might think like that, but to the quiet people of the woods, the children of the World Tree, trees are as family.

From the moment an elf joins the party, breaking a branch is akin to breaking a family member's arm.

Naturally, starting a fire with a tree branch is unthinkable, and cutting down a tree is like declaring a life-or-death battle with an elf.

Of course, not all elves are so rigid. Especially those adventurous enough to become adventurers are much more open-minded.

Consulting with an elf to break a single twig or make a piece of firewood, and only being able to do so after talking to the tree and receiving permission.

If the adventure leads into the forest, one might have a comfortable journey with an elf as a guide, or endure a painful adventure filled with the elf's nagging.

Another peculiar aspect to mention is their unique dietary culture. Considering trees as family, they fundamentally do not eat meals but are known to sunbathe or eat meat.

The idea of filling one's stomach with sunbathing might seem absurd... However, since they themselves say so, and there are indeed elves who live on water and sunbathing for a month without eating... It might be a blessing bestowed by the World Tree.

Scholars who have studied such elf ecology have concluded that they cannot understand the principle behind it.

Therefore, when adventuring with them, it is advisable to prepare a meat-based diet as much as possible.

Otherwise, you will find yourself facing an elf drinking only water with slightly resentful eyes throughout meal times.

Anyway, despite such inconveniences, elves prove to be powerful companions worth having on your journey.

Ah, of course, the story might be different if you're a dwarf.

- A Guide for Adventurers Exploring the World.

Chapter on subraces. The Elf Edition.

Chapter end

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