Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 38: God (3)

Chapter 38: God (3)

Let's see. Now that I've roughly organized my thoughts, I should contact the lizardmen.

Hmm... Should I go and speak to them in person? But it's been quite a while since I last visited the lizardmen...

They say they keep records of me, but I'm not sure if they still remember me...

Ah, right. This GodTalk essentially has a messenger function.

Maybe I can use this to convey my message to the lizardmen?

Thinking this, I fiddled with the messaging window with the lizardmen.

[Oh, Creator Dragon God! Are you sleeping?]

I pressed on the last message sent by the lizardmen chieftain with my finger.

If this is a smartphone messenger, there should be various functions to connect... like a reply function...

I cautiously pressed on the part labeled 'reply'.

Then a small window with a tiny button appeared.

A small microphone icon drawn inside a red circle... Is this a recording button?

Hmm. So, sending a message here means recording my voice? And what's with the microphone icon. Why is there a microphone icon? I'm the only one in this world who would understand what this icon means.

Could it be... Am I the only one who can use GodTalk?

I shook my head slightly, brushing off the sudden thought. I can't be the only god in this world.

There could be other gods appearing, right?

I cleared my throat softly to tidy up my voice and thought about what to say.

First, I should ask if my voice can be heard, and if it's really the Great Chieftain of the lizardmen... Maybe I should tell them this and that.

It kind of feels like I'm delivering an oracle.

No, is it just an oracle itself? Hmm...

First, I'll instruct them to hold a martial arts tournament at the festival. I will bestow my blessing along with the title of Great Warrior to the winner.

Ah, I mustn't forget to instruct them not to kill their opponents in the tournament. What I want to see is a martial arts tournament, not a slaughter where they kill each other.

I just want to select the strongest person.

The direction should be to subdue the opponent without killing them... If there's a draw, then the judges or the audience can decide the winner... Good.

Next, I should think about selecting a Great Shaman too. Um (nod).

Wait. Magic... Talent for magic... Do I need to study magic myself to understand this better?

Hmm... Well, it involves borrowing the power of spirits, so it could be reasonably modified for efficiency.

The lizardmen are currently using magic by borrowing the power of spirits and applying it to their bodies.

For example, borrowing the power of water spirits to swim faster, the power of wind spirits for more agile movement, or the power of fire spirits to maintain body temperature in cold environments. Since their magical power is limited, the direct effects by spirits are minimized.

If this kind of primitive, brute-force magic could be transformed into something more systematic and efficient... It would certainly be more beneficial to the Lizardmen as well.

Well, it might be a bit harsh on the spirits. But giving the spirits more specific instructions rather than vague ones might be better for both sides.

Good. I've roughly organized what I want to say.

I pressed the red recording button in front of me. Then, buttons appeared on either side of the red recording button, and its shape changed.

And a small number appeared above the button, quickly increasing. Let's see... Is this displaying the recording time? It's going up by 1 every second.

Below the number, located above the changed recording button, was a white circle with || drawn on it. Is this the pause recording button?

The two newly appeared buttons also had very familiar shapes. On the right, a black square was drawn inside a white circle, and on the left, a play symbol. was drawn.

Hmm. At a glance, it seems like the triangle is for playing back the recorded voice to check, and the square is for completing the recording. It's intuitive, which is nice.

Alright. Let's do this. I pressed the square to stop the recording.

Then, a small window popped up above the recording window.

[Would you like to send the recording?

Yes / No]

We will rely solely on your kindness! Click here!

Donate now

As expected. Such a system. Alright. I get it.

I pressed No to cancel and reset the recording, then cleared my throat again to tidy up my voice and pressed the recording button.

Numbers going up. Alright. It's properly started. I spoke in a low voice while looking at the recording screen.

"Can you hear my voice?"

A short phrase. After pausing the recording with the pause button, I pressed the play button to check the recorded voice.

[Can you hear my voice?]

A tender and soft voice flows from the recording screen. Hmm... As expected. The voice I hear when I speak and when it's played back feels different.

It's something about the voice resonating inside the body when I speak myself, or something like that, I think I read somewhere. Um.

Because of that, the recorded voice feels like it's not really mine.

Anyway, it seems like the voice itself was properly recorded... I pressed the stop recording button, and then pressed Yes in the small recording send window that appeared.

Then, something new popped up at the bottom right of the message window with the lizardmen's great chieftain.

A round button with a right-facing equilateral triangle drawn on it. Pressing it, the voice I just recorded plays back once again.

Is this for checking the voice message I recorded and sent again? Hmm.

Quite nice.

I smiled satisfactorily at the first message.

Now, while waiting for a reply from the lizardmen's great chieftain, I'll lightly skim through the lizardmen's magic...

[Oh, Creator Dragon God! Creator Dragon God!!!! To bestow an oracle upon us!! Our long prayers were not in vain!! The weak-willed old ones say that Creator Dragon God has abandoned us, and the ignorant young ones are losing their faith in the Creator Dragon God! But you have answered our call once again! What a great honor this is! Thank you!!! Creator Dragon God!!! Thank you!!!]

Wow, that was a quick reply. And so much content. And quite intense.

After briefly skimming through the slightly overwhelming reply message, I let out a small sigh.

It seems I've been neglecting the lizardmen for a while. Um. I feel a bit sorry...

I pressed the recording button once again and started speaking.

"Managing this world has taken a lot of time, but now there is no place that needs my immediate attention. Thus, I have found a small moment of leisure to respond to your call."

Hmm. Is the voice okay? Is it right to speak like this? Make sure it's not too light. Speak with a moderately weighty voice.

And check if the recording went well... Alright. It's reasonably listenable!

I sent the recording, and not long after, a reply came.

[Oh. Creator Dragon God... Thank you. Since you have answered our call like this, we will create a new stele in your honor! Please accept it, and forgive the sins of us foolish ones!]

No, stop with the stele. Seriously, stop.

"Enough with the steles. Your sins are as good as nonexistent, so don't worry. Rather, I called upon you because there is something important I need to tell you."

Alright, send again.Th sourc of this content n/o/v/(l)bi((n))

[Tell us anything! If it is something the Creator Dragon God desires, we will do anything! If you wish, we will harvest the heads of those insolent humans and offer them to the Creator Dragon God!]

Stop harvesting human heads! That's really not it!!!

If you guys start harvesting humans with determination, humans won't be able to do anything and will be swept away!!

"That's not necessary. What I have to tell you is that I am preparing a small gift for you who worship me."

[A gift! For us, who are so insignificant! That is too much honor!!]

Ignoring the overwhelming gratitude written in the messenger, I continued to send voice recordings.

"What I want you to do is something at the next festival. On the last day of the festival, determine who among you lizardmen is the strongest."

[The strongest, you say?]

"Yes. You must select the strongest one. However, in the process of selecting the strongest, no one should lose their life, and the victory must be clear. If the match is too close to call, let the other lizardmen decide the winner. And nothing other than the clash of bodies and weapons should interfere in this contest."

[We understand that you desire a pure duel without any magic involved. If that is what you wish, we will follow it.]

"Good. To the one who stands at the end of that duel, I will bestow my blessing. That person will become the strongest among the lizardmen and will be my blade."

Well, even though I say my blade, I don't actually plan to wield that blade!

I guess if I say it somewhat appropriately, I can figure something out later, right?

Chapter end

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