Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 44: God (9)

Chapter 44: God (9)

After Shamash gave the humans the code of laws, crimes among them decreased a bit.

Well, just a bit.

It's only natural. Just because a stone tablet with laws was given, it doesn't mean all humans would have the laws engraved in their minds.

And well, it would take enough time to spread it among humans scattered around the world.

Still, seeing them follow it reasonably well after setting a clear standard, it seems like the lawless state before the code was quite problematic.

Anyway. The content of the code given to the human king was transcribed onto clay tablets by many human hands and scattered around the world, delivered wherever human influence reached.

Of course, it was only natural that it was also delivered to other subraces.

To the territory of lizardmen, and to the realms of elves and dwarves. The giants in the north... since they couldn't read properly, they learned through human speech.

By the way, since beastmen lived mixed with humans, the spread of the code to them almost simultaneously with humans is a minor story.

From the perspective of a ruler governing a group of humans, it would be convenient not to punish humans indiscriminately through arbitrary trials. This led to a reduction in excessive punishments and a decrease in the number of humans executed.

In an era where every single human labor force is important, it was a situation with absolutely no downsides.

And deciding and executing judgments without established laws would also be a troublesome task.

Thus, the first laws of humanity slowly, but surely, melted into the relations among humans.

Well, for some subraces, it wasn't much of a big deal!

Lizardmen, elves, and dwarves valued their gods more than the laws and followed them.

The laws given by the god of law seemed like rules applicable only in the human realm.

It's only natural. With a god they believe in and follow right there, what use would a stone tablet from the god of law be? The god is close, but the law is far.

Still, thanks to a few words I said to Yggdrasil and Sagarmatha, the message that in the human realm, humans should follow human laws was conveyed to elves and dwarves.

Lizardmen? Lizardmen are... Hmm...

[The sight of the god of light arbitrarily deciding sins without a clear standard, the Creator Dragon God was greatly angered, but the god of light did not even pretend to listen.

The Creator Dragon God tried to persuade the god of light, but the god of light did not listen at all and repeated the same mistakes.

Thus, to punish the god of light for her wrongdoing, the Creator Dragon God wielded its power.

For a while, the world lost its light.

Thus, an eclipse occurred in the world.]

With just a few words I said, they blew it out of proportion like this.

[However, the Creator Dragon God forgave the god of light and commanded her to weigh the sins with clear rules.

Thus, the god of light created rules to weigh sins and gave them to humans, which became the first laws.]

It didn't take long for a stone tablet with this written on it to be created.

Really... such unnecessarily enthusiastic beings...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Time continues to flow.

There was an event where a great warrior was chosen at the lizardmen's festival, and through my blessing, the great warrior became a dragonkin surpassing lizardmen, but it wasn't that important.

Illuminating the final winner of the martial arts tournament with a dazzling light, and after endowing strong power in between, reconstructing the body to make an existence surpassing lizardmen was... something I did, but it was quite fitting.

The body of the winner turned dragonkin became stronger, more agile, and larger.

Its scales became tough enough not to be cut by sharp obsidian blades, its nails became hard enough to tear anything apart, and its tail became strong enough to break a thick tree with a strike.

Truly, it was fitting to be called an existence surpassing lizardmen.

Ah, by the way, there are no wings. Horns did grow on the head, but wings would be troublesome.

If a new organ suddenly appears, it would be difficult to accept and cause confusion.

And blessing the winner's weapon was an extra.

I thought about giving it a blessing to never break... but I already gave that to the spear of the Lizardman Great Chieftain. Wouldn't it be troublesome to create many items with the same ability?

Therefore, during the reconstruction of the body, I asked what kind of blessing to give to the weapon and proceeded in a direction that actively reflected the user's opinion.

By the way, since it's a position limited to one year, the blessing will be withdrawn and the body and weapon will return to their original state when the next year's festival begins.

That's only natural. You can't participate in a martial arts tournament with such blessings. It's unfair! It's cheating! That can't be allowed!

It's rather a penalty! Because they got used to the body strengthened by the blessing for a year, they would feel a sense of reverse after returning to normal!

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Still, if they win the tournament again, that would be quite something.

Anyway, the great warrior who won the martial arts tournament praised the name of the Creator Dragon God as he became a dragonkin, and the Lizardmen began to be more moved by the fact that the Creator Dragon God did not abandon them.

Another hit. The birth of an Archmage who can hear the voice of the Creator Dragon God.

A Lizardman with an excellent ability to interact with spirits and a spirit-friendly personality was chosen as the Archmage, causing another stir among the Lizardmen.

Of course, I didn't give any blessing to the Archmage. I just helped a bit to make it easier to interact with spirits. The talent was purely the talent of the child chosen as the Archmage.

After that, only the Archmage could hear my voice... The birth of the chosen Archmage who can hear the voice of the Creator Dragon God!

By the way, the term of the Archmage is... for life, unless a Lizardman with more exceptional talent appears, and unless they decide to quit on their own.

And quitting is free! The benevolent Creator Dragon God guarantees personal freedom! There are no restrictions on things like marriage either!

But if they do something suspicious in the name of the Creator Dragon God, they will be punished.

Thus, through the great warrior and the Archmage, the Lizardmen gradually recovered their faith in the Creator Dragon God, and the prosperity of the Lizardmen began with the Great Chieftain, the great warrior, and the Archmage.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After finishing with the Lizardmen's affairs, I quietly looked at the names listed in GodTalk.

World Tree Yggdrasil. The guardian god of the Elves.

The forehead of the world, Sagarmatha. The sacred mountain worshipped by the Dwarves.

God of Light, Shamash. The god of light, law, and justice.

The rest of the list was empty.

Hmm... It seems like more names should be added to this list. Specifically, about three.

Yggdrasil is revered as a god by the Elves, Sagarmatha is worshipped as a sacred mountain by the Dwarves, and Shamash is worshipped as the god of light and justice by humans...

It's a bit regrettable that Sylphid, Ifrit, and Thetis are not worshipped as gods. Um.

I roughly know the reason.Th. most uptodat nvels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

After all, those children are in environments where it's difficult for humans to worship them as gods.

First, Thetis.

To begin with, the location is not good. It's a giant whirlpool located far away in the middle of the sea, away from the land where humans live.

Since human navigation skills are not good enough to approach Thetis! Currently, they are only moving around the coastal areas with simple rafts!

Unless navigation technology advances further... they won't even be able to discover Thetis.

Next, Ifrit.

Hmm... Ifrit, well, just the surrounding environment is extremely harsh.

The main body of Ifrit is an eternally burning flame. The temperature is needless to say hot, so nothing can live around it... not exactly. Hmm.

There are creatures that have adapted to such an environment, but they are not intelligent beings like humans.

Most plants are either dried up or burnt. It's a region difficult for non-heat-adapted creatures to survive.

As a result, the area around Ifrit has become a desert.

It's fortunate that the desert area around Ifrit is not yet vast... A hot desert even at night around Ifrit. What's this? Wasn't it common sense for it to be cold at night?

Ahem. Anyway. Since it's a harsh environment to live in around Ifrit, humans have not been able to easily settle there.

Therefore, there are no worshippers of Ifrit.

Unless humans who can settle in this hot desert appear someday. It's probably too much to ask right now, just past the Stone Age.

Lastly, Sylphid.

How can one worship the wind that cannot be seen?

Moreover, how can one worship Sylphid, who does not stay in one place but keeps moving around?

Certainly, Sylphid possesses strong power, but how can anyone worship Sylphid, who does not wield that power?

There needs to be a trigger for worship to occur as a deity.

And Sylphid. Such a trigger has not yet come.

Someday, if people come to fear or admire the wind, Sylphid may be able to rise as the god of wind.

I'm not sure when that will be... but it doesn't seem too far off.

Chapter end

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