Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 48: About Death (4)

Chapter 48: About Death (4)

Putting the creepy feeling deep down.

The analysis on souls has progressed to some extent, and it seems that the dark spirits are also gathering.

What remains now is preparing the location where the afterlife will be created and deciding the system of the afterlife.

Among these two, the first thing to do should be creating the place where the afterlife will be located.

So... what should I do? Should I create the afterlife somewhere in this world?

In Greek mythology, the underworld exists within the earth, and the dead souls cross the River Styx there. Maybe underground is good after all?

No, no. There was an element of unease underground.

The element of unease called Erebus.

The only place left where that child, who is darkness itself and whom I couldn't find the slightest clue about even after thoroughly searching the surface, could be hiding is underground, and to create the afterlife there?

Surely, it's 100 percent certain that problems will arise!

Hmm. Underground won't work. Not underground. At least not until I find Erebus and give it a good thrashing. It's out of the question.

Then, how about above the sky?

Since souls naturally rise to the sky, it might be quite easy to gather them...

Ah, this won't work either. Due to the nature of the dark spirits, it's impossible to be above the sky.

Dark spirits can move by seeping into the ground, or in places with little light, or even in places with light if there are shadows, they can hide in the shadows and move stealthily, but they can't operate properly in places with strong light or without shadows.

And above the high sky... there's nothing like the ground for dark spirits to seep into, and except for the faint clouds, there won't be any shadows, and the light shines strongly.

Dark spirits with a certain level of power might be able to move somewhat without shadows... but their number is limited. They are just a few.

Weak dark spirits will inevitably become unable to move easily.

If it's the night sky after the sun has set, they might be able to move freely... but then, people who die during the day can't be led to the afterlife.

Hmm. If I want to make use of the dark spirits, the sky is also out of the question.

Perhaps, is it impossible to create the afterlife somewhere in this world?

I let out a small sigh.

I didn't want to use this method... but I have no choice.

I used the first privilege I received from the creator god. Creation.

A translucent window appeared before my eyes. A window where I could set what to create.

A screen that could create anything I wanted...

Using that ability, I created a door.

A large door made roughly from black rock.

Ignoring the bizarre sight of a door standing by itself without any wall to anchor it, I opened the doors wide on both sides.

Inside the giant door, which opened wide like spreading wings, was a wall of black rock.

Although it was a door not attached to anything, inside was a bizarre sight filled with black rock.

It looked like it led to another world.

Hmm. I tried it out just in case, but it really got created... A door leading to another world.

I only wrote and created it as 'a door leading to another world' in the setting of creating objects... I never imagined it would really be created.

Moreover, a door leading to a world with nothing but rocks. It perfectly reflected the setting. Really... even though I made it, I couldn't help but think, what is this?

This power of creation. How far can it go...? Could it create a new world? How is this different from a creator god?

No, let's put aside unnecessary thoughts for now. Isn't it good to have good things? I've confirmed that the possibilities of my abilities are even more infinite. Yes.

I let out a small sigh, closed the door again, returned to my normal form, and held the rather heavy door in my hands.

It's good that I made this door... but where to place it is also a concern. Hmm...

Since it's going to be a door leading to the afterlife, it should be in a place that's not easily accessible, right?

Moreover, it should be a place where the workers... the dark spirits can access without a problem.

Since it leads to the afterlife, it might also affect other creatures, so it should be in a place without any other creatures...

Combining all these conditions, it becomes quite a difficult task.

But fortunately, having traveled every corner of the world, I knew of one place that met all the conditions.

If it were just about being hard to access, there could be a few more choices, but there's only one place that satisfies all these conditions.

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I spread my wings and began to fly to that place.

The place I was heading to was at the very northern end of this world.

It was a land covered in white snow and ice.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A cold land filled with snow and ice.

A desolate space where other spirits also hardly come due to the cold chill.

At the northern end where no more animals were seen on the way up.

There was a small island surrounded by a sea with waves of sharp ice like blades.

In the middle of this small island, where waves of ice-filled sea ceaselessly crashed, I firmly placed the door I brought.

No other life to be seen, far from human territories, not underground, and no significant problem for the dark spirits to operate... Hmm, can those children move through the sea? They should be able to, right?

No, it'll be fine. I'll just make a bridge connecting this small island to the mainland.

And the material for that bridge will be the black rocks filled inside the door.

After transforming into a human form, I opened the door wide. A door filled to the brim with black rocks.Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

Alright. Let's first cast a spell on the door so it doesn't break. Of course, excluding the black rocks inside. Those are meant to be completely shattered!

After confirming the door wouldn't break by lightly tapping it, I looked at the sealed wall, clenched my fist lightly, and thrust it forward with all my might filled with magical power.


With a massive roar, the black rocks shattered into pieces and spilled out of the door.

Just one punch. Even though I filled it with magical power, it's hard to believe this small fist wielded such destructive power.

With that single strike, a large hole was formed inside the door.

Hmm... Good. After gathering the shattered fragments with magical power, I poured them into the sea facing the island and the continent.

Of course, this alone wouldn't be enough to connect the island and the sea.

I clenched my fist again. Mining starts!

Hmm. It strangely reminds me of an old game. A game where you smash square blocks and mine ores.

Now, without something like a pickaxe, I'm smashing everything with my bare hands and pouring the fragments into the sea!

Let's see... Since the inside of this door is another world, there shouldn't be any worry about Erebus invading from somewhere else, right? If it comes through the door, I can later cast a spell on it to immediately capture Erebus if detected.

I began to break down the world of black rocks inside the door at an angle as I descended.

Of course, while pouring all the fragments into the sea.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The hero who inherited the blood of a god. Rychlen, who achieved numerous feats, killed a friend while drunk and decided to go to the afterlife to retrieve the soul of his dead friend, embarking on an adventure.

However, this journey was not an easy one even for Rychlen, a hero among heroes.

Having learned the way to the afterlife from a sage in the deep forest, Rychlen heads to the northern end of the world where the entrance to the afterlife is said to be.

Rychlen, heading towards the end of the world. Sometimes with the help of giants, sometimes attacked by wild beasts and creatures, Rychlen headed to the northern end where the entrance to the afterlife is said to be.

The place Rychlen reached, after crossing the black bridge surrounded by a sea with waves of sharp ice, which once crossed, one could never return, was the door to the afterlife, terrifying just by looking at it.

[Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.] The terrifying black door of the afterlife, inscribed with these dreadful words, was attached to a black rock, a terrifying object that seemed to grip the soul with pain just by looking at it.

Ordinary people wouldn't even be able to make it here, and even a considerable hero would run away just by seeing this door, but Rychlen, a hero among heroes, did not back down and silently rolled up his sleeves before starting to push the two doors.

The door to the afterlife, so heavy that even with the strength to move mountains, it took a great effort to barely move. Rychlen, who took half a day just to open it enough for one person to pass through, finally entered and proceeded towards the afterlife.

The experiences Rychlen had afterward... were entirely different from any adventure Rychlen had embarked on before.

Descending into a black cave leading underground, Rychlen had to tremble with fear at every step he took.

Not even with the strength to move mountains, nor with skin as invulnerable as steel to any blade, could protect him from the fear of the afterlife.


In the hell where countless souls suffer, facing innumerable crises and enduring fear, what Rychlen encountered were the three officials who govern the afterlife.

The commander who gathers the souls of the dead from the darkness, leading the messengers of death.

The inspector who finds the souls of the dead in the registry, checking if they met their proper end.

The judge who hangs the souls of the dead on a scale, weighing the weight of their sins to pass judgment.

The three officials of the afterlife were beings that, no matter how heroic, could never be opposed by someone alive.

For they were beings who could easily turn Rychlen, renowned as a hero among heroes in the world of the living, into one of the dead with just a flick of their finger.

- The adventure of the hero Rychlen.

Chapter end

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