Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 5: Hello. World! (5)

Chapter 5: Hello. World! (5)

I traveled around the world, checking on natural phenomena with their own consciousness, and confirmed a total of 7 natural phenomena, including the whirlwind named Sylphid.

The natural phenomena, which had just been born with a pure self, were like newborn babies.

Pure children without a speck of dust.

I wondered if it was okay for someone like me to name them... But there's no helping it.

I am the only proper sentient being in this world.

So, I gave names to the natural phenomena that developed consciousness.

For the eternal flame, I named it Ifrit. It was the easiest to name because it was the most straightforward.

For the giant whirlpool, Elquine... Hmm, that doesn't seem right. Elaim..., this doesn't feel right either.

Should I just simply name it Undine? But just Undine seems to lack something.

I wanted to give it a better name... My naming sense is really bad...

For the one in the world's tallest mountain, I named it Ymir... Hmm, is that a death flag?

Should I name it Everest instead? It's fitting since it's the tallest mountain.

No, this is what wiki searches are for. Help me! Knowledge from another world!!!

After searching, I named it Sagarmatha, the Nepali name for Everest. Explaining its meaning, which is the forehead of the world, was a bonus that it really liked.

T/N: Sorry Nepali, if that's the wrong meaning.

For the tree as large as a mountain, I named it the World Tree... Yggdrasil.

Honestly, it felt like there was no other appropriate name the moment I saw it.

For the darkness where not a sliver of light entered, I named it Erebus, taken from Greek mythology.

Although he was a very quiet child, he seemed to like him very much.

And lastly, for the light of the midnight sun that never sets, I named it Shamash, taken from Sumerian mythology.

Thus, the spirits of the seven children I named grew rapidly over the decades.


They started calling me mom.

Not dad, but why mom!

I really don't understand!

"I am not your mom."

Hoping that the pure spirits of the children would grow up properly, I had told them various stories from another world, including about families. Maybe that's why.

After all, I am a dragon, and these children are natural phenomena that are hard to call living beings. I'm not sure if this is right.

"But you gave us names."

"That's true."

I nodded slightly at Sylphid's words.

"If you hadn't named us, I would have just been a whirlwind that appeared and disappeared."

"The reason you children developed selves is because this world became filled with magical power, not because I named you. And I'm not your mom. Call me dad instead."

"We don't like that. And wasn't that magical power because of you, mom?"

Sylphid, what are you talking about.

"The magical power was created by someone called the Creator God. I had nothing to do with it."

"But you said that Creator God has never appeared in this world."

"Well, that's true but..."

"Even if that Creator God was the one who first made this world, what else did he do besides sending you down to this empty world?"

"Uh, um... increased the concentration of magical power?"

"That's just your claim, mom. There's no proper evidence. It's more convincing to say that the concentration of magical power increased because you exist."

Ugh... Surely, this child used to stutter and was infinitely cute, but how did it become so logical in just a few decades?

Now there's no cute charm left...

"By the way, the other also agree with calling you mom!"

"The other children too?"

Being the only one able to fly freely thanks to being born from a whirlwind, Sylphid often visited the other children to talk, acting like a messenger.

"Ifrit said [Calling you mom feels warm and cozy, so I like it!]. Thetis said [I wish mom would visit more often.]"

"Hmm. I haven't visited Thetis recently."

Unlike the other children, it's not easy to see her because she's in the middle of the ocean.

"Sagar(Sagarmatha) said, [Yes. I like mom.] and Yggdrasil said, [I don't mind either way if it's mom.] Then she whispered softly, [Actually, I prefer mom.]"

Even Sagarmatha, who speaks little, and Yggdrasil, who would gently shake its branches in greeting. Want to call me mom...

"Erebus said, [I prefer being called mom. After all, I think I'm male, so it makes sense to have a mom.] and Shamash said, [Isn't it more beautiful to be called mom?]"

Hmm... I don't know about the other children, but why has Erebus turned out this way?

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I never told them stories about males and females pairing up to become families.

Hmm. I don't know. I don't understand. Is there anything more difficult than parenting in this world?

"I also prefer calling you mom!"

"I thought my gender wasn't decided."

It's hard to tell whether this dragon's body is male or female.

Looking at my reflection in the water, I seem like a splendid silver dragon, so maybe I'm male...

Then, after decades, a letter envelope popped up in front of me.

What nonsense is this Creator God going to say now...

Of course, you're female!!


Did this damn thing send a message after decades just to say this one line?!

In this world devoid of life, I've gone through all sorts of hardships to create a basic ecosystem, and he didn't help at all!!!! And now he sends a message, and it's just this one line?!

Are you joking?! Huh?! Are you messing with me!!!! You trash!!! You trash!!!!!!!

I wanted to spew all my anger, but I held back in front of Sylphid. I had no choice but to restrain myself. I couldn't possibly get angry in front of Sylphid.

I took a deep breath to exhale the thousand fires burning inside me.

The breath that came out was literally fiery, but that's a minor issue.iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

"Wow! Did you breathe fire because you disliked it that much?"

"It's not your fault. The Creator God sent a message after decades, and it was just one line, so I got angry."

"Hmm... You said you received a message, but I can't see anything, so I don't know."

It seems Sylphid can't see the square message window... GodTalk that appeared in front of me.

"But what kind of message made mom angry? It seems like it's been decades since I've seen mom get angry."

"The content is a secret. But have I ever gotten angry before?"

"Yes! You got angry when Ifrit burned a little thing crawling on the ground."

Ah, I remember. It was not long after a creature, which had evolved over decades from a slime and no longer resembled a slime, came out of the water.

Excluding various attribute slimes, it was the first terrestrial life form! I was quite moved, but some of those creatures went near Ifrit's volcano...

Ifrit, unable to contain his curiosity, caused a disaster by burning them.

Just as a pure human child might harm small insects, a sentient natural phenomenon would do much the same.

So, all I could do was scold him for his wrongdoings.

Well, to be honest, it was also because I felt it was a waste to burn and kill the creature that had finally emerged from the water. Hmm.

It was a small lizard-like creature, and thinking about it now, it does feel a bit regrettable.

"But thanks to being scolded then, Ifrit doesn't burn other creatures now."

"Hmm. If I hadn't scolded him then, that child would have burned everything that entered his territory."

The variously evolved slimes gained diverse functions but lost their simplicity, making it impossible for them to increase their numbers through division, so it was a loss.

Anyway, that's enough about Ifrit.

"But the world these days feels quite lively."

"I think so too."

Decades after scattering the first life forms, the sea life that had been rapidly evolving and mutating soon returned to the land and began to prosper.

No longer was the surface a desolate world devoid of life.



"Ah, mom! Look over there! The big ones are fighting!!"

"That's true. Though they are still smaller than me."

A world filled with life. However, the appearance of this life... was from a much more distant past than the era I remember.

Simply put, it was the age of dinosaurs.

"Why has it turned out like this...."

All I could do was sigh softly.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It is known that in ancient times, there were countless dragons.

Now, only a very few dragons remain, including the Guardian Dragon of the kingdom.

The fossils currently on display in this museum are from the age of dragons, the age when dragons prospered. These are the fossils of wingless dragons.

To think there were countless dragons, each capable of shaking a whole country. Truly, it was a terrifying era.

- A curator of a museum in some country.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chapter end

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