Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 86: Tales of the Hero's Adventure (1)

Chapter 86: Tales of the Hero's Adventure (1)

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The oldest adventure tale that remains in human history is said to be the tale of the Nameless Hero, as many scholars unanimously agree.

In the distant past, when monsters suddenly appeared in the world and caused suffering to many, the Nameless Hero was chosen by the Goddess of Life and drew the Sword of the Hero.

The Hero, who fearlessly cut down the powerful monsters that the human army could not defeat, the monsters that would later be called Elite Monsters, was the hope of many people.

Although he was an orphan with nothing, the fact that he could become a hero through endless effort further increased his popularity. However, there were also those who criticized the fact that he was able to grow due to the external factor of the Goddess's choice.

Putting aside such personal likes and dislikes, the adventure tale of the Nameless Hero, the first hero, has been passed down through the mouths of many people and has survived to this day.

Interestingly, it is said that the hero's first adventure was a runaway caused by a quarrel with the proxy of the Goddess who had raised him.

- About the Nameless Hero.

The hero has set out on an adventure!

Using the marked coordinates of the hero, I took out a simple snack to watch the hero's adventure.

Hmm. If the hero finds out that I'm watching his adventure like entertainment, will he get angry?

But I can't just not watch. If some strange person gets involved with the hero, I have to immediately strike them down with divine punishment! I have to make a rock fall or something.

Well, that kind of scam won't work on the hero anyway. After all, he's the hero I've raised with so much effort.

I've raised him to be quite excellent, if I do say so myself. The current hero can be called a true hero without any lack.

The hero, who has become such a hero, has left the Dragon's Tomb and set out on the road.

It is a road that many pilgrims traveling to and from the temples frequent, so there are hardly any monster appearances. The hero walked this road with a leisurely pace.

Hmm. Did he not consider that I might be following him? He is walking with such carefree steps, as if he have no urgent matters at hand.

Well, I didn't have the intention of chasing after him. I'll just watch from afar and help indirectly only when he needs it.


The hero's adventure was quite uneventful.

Well, it's a place where problems are unlikely to arise. It's the road that the pilgrims of the Temple of Life are traveling on, and most of them are either people who can protect themselves from monsters or dragons in disguise.

Therefore, the road that the pilgrims of the Temple of Life travel on is relatively safe.

And so, the hero's first adventure began as a leisurely journey.pTodated ovls on o(v)l()bin(.)cm

Well, it's just the beginning of the adventure. I'll have to watch for a while.

"Mom, what are you doing here?"

I turned my head towards the direction of the voice and saw a golden-haired young girl standing there with a curious expression.

She was the incarnation of Shamash.

"Hmm? Shamash?"

"Yes, I'm Shamash, the god of light, justice, and law!"

This child is always so bright, as expected of the god of light though it wouldn't make sense for the God of Light to be dark.

"For the past few years, you've been living with a human child, and now that you're here alone, I was curious about what's going on. Have you gotten tired of raising the human child?"

"Not at all. That child just seems to want some time alone, so I'm watching over him here."

If I'm not here when the hero returns, he might panic.

"Hmm... That's very motherly of you to be so devoted to the human child."

"What's so motherly about it?"

"Well, you've raised us seven as if we were your own children, even though we're not related by blood. If there's the most benevolent being in this world, it would be you, Mom."

The most benevolent being, huh.

"Even after turning all the dragons into that state?"

"Well, we and those children were the ones who did wrong. Now I understand why you were so angry."

Hmm, to hear such words from the god of law and justice, it makes me feel a little at ease.

"Anyway, why did that human child suddenly run away?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe there was something he was not satisfied with."

I should have talked to him a little more instead of just pressing him.

"What a fortunate child. He doesn't even know how good an opportunity he's got."

"Don't say that. He's just a human child, after all. His life is only about 100 years, a short existence that cannot accumulate wisdom like you for long ages."

"But still..."

"And you all made mistakes once too, so those children are no different."

Shamash remained silent like a mute who had eaten honey at my words.

"Anyway, don't speak ill of that child. He's just wandering a bit, that's all."

"Sigh. Yes, I understand. If you say so, Mom."

Even if I can't lead the wandering children or watch over them with a kind gaze, I shouldn't badmouth them.

"But what were you trying to do by raising that child?"

"Hmm... Monster hunting?"

That's the official stance, at least.

Except for the fact that there are small fragments of darkness inside some of those outstanding monsters.

"Monster hunting, huh... That's irrational. Honestly, if that was the purpose, couldn't you just go out and slaughter them all yourself?"

Well, that's true.

"But it's too much of a hassle for me to go out directly."

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"Then couldn't you make something like the golems that guard the Afterlife?"

Like Talos?

"That's... Well, that's true, but..."

"I don't really understand why you're doing such a troublesome thing. Is this really that meaningful of an endeavor?"

Shamash's piercing remark! A critical hit! I was left dumbfounded!

Honestly, that's true! Using a single human would be less efficient than that, but...!!!

"Ah, but..."


"The hero is a romantic ideal, you see..."

Romantic ideal.

Honestly, in this model garden-like world that I could easily overturn if I set my mind to it... How important is it to be able to fulfill that romantic ideal!

If I had only thought about efficiency, would I have done this kind of world management stuff? No, I wouldn't have, because it's a hassle!

Anyway, romantic ideal is important. Yes the romantic ideal.

"Romantic ideal? What's that?"

"Giving up the rational and optimal path, and stubbornly pursuing the irrational path?"

"What's that supposed to be."

I shook my head slightly.

"You're still too young to understand the romantic ideal."

"No, is there any point in understanding such an irrational thing? I don't get it at all!"

"The romantic ideal is not something you think about with your head. It's just what your heart tells you to do."

That's why I made the choice to create a hero, which is not a rational one!

Of course, Shamash still had an expression that suggested they couldn't understand.

"Well, I didn't expect you to understand it easily. The romantic ideal is something difficult to comprehend."

"Ugh... I may not understand it well, but if it's something Mom considers so important, it must be very meaningful! Okay, I'll try to understand this romantic ideal as well!"

"No, I didn't tell you to go that far..."

I couldn't bring myself to say the words, 'If it was easy to understand, it wouldn't be a romantic ideal!'

How could I say such a thing?

"Ah, by the way! I heard from Sylphid that you've been tormenting a human, is that true?"

"Hmm? Ah, I have been tormenting him."

By the way, I'm still tormenting him whenever I get the chance!

With a feeling of 'Taste the pettiness of a creator-class being!' you know.

"It's not like you to easily do such a thing, Mom. Is there some reason for it?"

"Reason, huh. Well, that fellow just insulted me in my own temple, that's all."

"Huh? You?"

At that moment, a blinding light began to emanate from Shamash's face.

"What?! How dare he do that to Mom!!! I can't let him live!!! I'll burn him to death with my light right now!!!"

"Now, now, calm down. I'm already tormenting him, after all. Turn off the light from your face, it's too dazzling."

"But! To dare to do that to Mom! Mom!! How dare he!!!"

Shamash's language ability was a bit impaired by how angry they were.

"Ahem. I showed you an unsightly sight. I'm sorry about that."

"That's true. You rarely get this angry."

"I do get angry sometimes, you know."

Shamash finally turned off the light emanating from their face. I just learned that this child emits light from her face when she get angry.

"So, who and where is the one who dared to pull that stunt on you, Mom?"

"It was the former Second Prince of the Arcad Kingdom, but he's been banished and is now wandering."

"If he's wandering, where is he now?"

"Hmm... It's difficult to describe his location in words."

I lightly tapped Shamash's forehead with my finger and showed them the location of Orcus, the former Second Prince of the Arcad Kingdom.

"By the way, I've placed a curse on him that won't let him die."

"Is that so? Hmm... Then how about layering a curse that makes his body burn when exposed to sunlight?"

Casually mentioning such a terrifying curse.

Well, that's not a bad idea, I suppose.

While I was conversing with Shamash, the hero had entered a human village.

I wonder how that child, who has lived with me alone for so long, will interact with other people...

And that hero was...

"Hello! Is this your first time in this village?! Wow, your physique is amazing!! A hunter? No, with that huge sword, you must be a soldier or warrior!"

"Uh, well... That is..."

Being overwhelmed by the lively girl he encountered at the village entrance.


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